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hello guys who love feet,muscle, abs, breasts, pussy and anus.^^

please have sure you know who is Juri han hehe, is important you know how she is. her way.

Im dont have skills to write... Im asking if someone can write a good cannibalism story about Juri Han from street fighter be eaten, with focused in feet, soles biting, soles, soles, heels biting, footjob, cut off feet, pussy, clit, pussy's lips biting, clit biting, abs biting, muscle biting, parts of her body be sliced etc hehe.

if you write this story, I can draw a character who you love be eaten or other thing hehe.^^

thank you for read this all



I can write it. Message me for details.


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I am 100% for this. I personally wouldn't mind reading about Juri getting halved. Brownie points if her half is raped~


Bumping this because I'd like to request a Juri Han murder story as well or a drawing of her being destroyed. (Much like the picture above where the shark rips that guy in half)
I don't have the writing skills nor the drawing skills to make my own so if someone could make either, it'd be much appreciated.
Basically, I'd wish for Juri to be ripped in half, or her neck snapped, hanging, decapitated, strangled, dragged by the hair, and insults to her for her snarky attitude before she does. The attacker or someone who occupies space around her would be a perfect candidate to take her twitching corpse, much like the vid that's left here (kudos to whoever made that! 10/10) and before rape, possibly some shots of whoever caressing her warrior feet before humiliating her corpse?
Not into: peeing, pooping, farting, or pussy pain or anything that would stop her remains from being raped.
That's all, hope my second post was detailed and hope to see a taker. Juri is hot but man would I love to see that fine bitch get what she deserves~

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