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I'm looking for a pic of a snuff wedding where the bride and groom "decided to get that whole till death do us part thing out of the way".

The pic is just a group of smaller pictures including one very very much like what I have posted of two bride's maids getting their heads fucked on spikes. There's a pic of the happily married couple and the guy's slitting his new wife's throat. and the lead bride's maid is slowly lowering in to a meat grinder while sucking the cock of a dickgirl best man.

The pic has english text in it too that hints at the much bigger orgy going on at this wedding. It's all in a more english art style to.

If any one knows what this pic is, has it or knows who the artist or anything is , I would really appreciate getting my hands on it again.


I know what you're talking about. The artist is "Preston". I can't remember the name of the comic, though. I think it's 'Sexual Mutilation'. I might have a copy laying around somewhere...


If you have it that would be aaawesome!!

Thank you so much for th e lead. I'm trying to find it, but no luck so far. still searching.


Hey anon. I've searched and searched using that lead. I got lots of results, but still haven't found the one I'm looking for. You have it, or any other ideas?


"Preston" is too generic. I can't narrow the results down. I get tons and tons of stuff about different cities all over the place. There's a meme about some dude named Preston. and i get a bunch about other people named Preston, but I cant get it to narrowed in on guro comics.

A while ago I did find a small collection of Preston stuff on e-hentai, but the comic I'm looking for wasnt there. If it's a full comic. I just remember this one pic that had two heads like what i posted all covered in cum and with thought bubbles about how they were happily dying.


Still searching. Can't find it.


Does anyone have any other ideas I can try? I have a feeling the pic was not part of a set or comic, but just some one off thing that was made.


Maybe try a reverse image search and see what that pulls up. If you don't get the comic you might be able to find the artist's or comics full name's to narrow the search


Wouldn't I need the image in order to do a reverse image search? That's my problem.

I keep stalking the "Meat grinders" , "Head Fuck", "Western Guro", and "Wedding Dresses!" threads on /g/, but no luck.

The first post about searching for "Preston" and "Sexual Mutilation" brought up some interesting comics on e-hentai, but not the pic I'm looking for. Trying to find work by Preston at least got comics that were the right style, b/w, western, dolcett-like, raunchy.


Are there any other artists with a similar style to Preston I could try searching for?


Bump. Nice to see there's now a wedding dress thread ovor on /g/, but still no one's got the pick I'm looking for.


I'm really surprised no one has posted it on the meat grinder thread. I think I origially saw it on there on an older gurochan.


Gurochan died and was reborn! … And i still haven't found this damn pic! :-( I'm out of ideas at this point. I've looked everywhere.

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