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I wanted to make a request for someone to write a story for me, and since it says in /lit/ to post writing requests here, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I want somebody to write a story about a quad amputee, totally limbless without any stumps, just a smooth, rounded off torso with a head. In this story, I want the quad amputee to have been an athletic young girl that was working towards some championship, only to end up amputated after going in for a minor procedure, then sold to an underground sex ring. Basically, I want the focus to be on how destroyed her life is and I want every waking moment to be cock after cock as men line up to use her as a public fucklump.

Other than that, feel free to add whatever you want. I'm not picky, so whatever fetishes you feel like throwing into the mix is fine by me, so long as she doesn't end up getting replacement limbs by the end.

I'm a frequent /lit/ reader, so if you do decide to write something for me, post it to /lit/ and I'll be sure to leave you some comments and say something nice!


I can write this for you. Athletic chicks aren't usually my thing, but totally limbless fucktoys definitely are. It may take me a while, however - writing fiction is a slow process for me, and I have a lot else on my plate, so I reserve the right to take up to a year to get it done :P. But I am happy to start working on it.


Hooray! I'm looking forward to it!



Very nice, I liked it


Could someone write one where the girl doesn't lose her identity in the process?


Potentially. Lemme think on it and see what I can do.


I would love to see her "toyification" done all the way.Rubber encasement,sensory deprivation,bondage,crazy libido,desensitized holes.....that kind of things.Even better if she was younger,or if it was a mother/daughter scenario.


Alright Ian, it's been a year! Let's see that story!


Anybody else want to try and tackle this idea?





I'm open for story commissions right now! I also will get it done inside a week if it's the first thing in my commissions queue.

Rates: $20/1000 words, minimum 2000 words (short story).

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