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I can't remember the name of the story or the author, but there was a story about four (or five) teen couples who venture into a basement where several girls had been killed before. The girls in these couples had all arranged to be killed by their boyfriends because they wanted to see what it was like. Each girl dies in a different way; one girl is impaled on a spit, while the main character is gutted in an empty bathtub, etc. The main character monologues the events to the reader, and I believe the story ends with the line "It took my breath away." I've searched high and low but without the name of the author or the story, it's impossible to find. I'm hoping this rings a bell with someone here. Image unrelated.





The Euphoria thing sounds similar to this setting.

Hope this helps.


No, unfortunately that isn't it. Thanks though.


Without being able to recall the details, that sounds stylistically like something kynk99 might have written. I don't have a link right here, but she's on motherless under that name, hopefully you can find her stories through there, if it is indeed one of hers


I'm bored, so I poked around a bit... Is it the anniversary series from this setting?


That's it. thank you so much dude! ive been looking for this for years.


Happy to help :)
Kynk99 is one of my big writing heroes and inspirations. More people should appreciate her awesomeness

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