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that last 3 are already posted and the board won't let me post them again so that all I have for you (hope this inspires you further ; ) )


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You're a gentleman.
Here you go- A re-drawing of Page 1, hot off the press :)


Looking forward to see how this revamp will improve on the original! : )


bump for interest in seeing more


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A little bit of a variation...


where's the board you meant? I need to get to know all of those as well.


They're in the /req/ threads titled "The Adventures of Fantasticgirl" and "Next"


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Let us continue.
A ray of red energy shoots down from the sky, hitting an old church.


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Awesome to see this being continued / updated


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Thank you


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Will she die this time ? ;)


A bit of a bump (I'm a bit busy at work)
But, I've been playing around with DesignDoll. Here's some teasers and stuff I've created with it.
First, our protagonists...


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I'm continuing this on its thread, The Adventures of Fantasticgirl (redux) on /art/.

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