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I found these two hanging videos that are very similar in style. Does anyone know what the source is?

Video 1:

Video 2:


Bumping for great interest. They are very well-done videos and the artist has never been disclosed.


These look great.
I hope someone knows more.


These look great.
I hope someone knows more.


These look great.
I hope someone knows more.


Holly mother of cgi ryona, this is amazing!


I have seen several of these videos around but sadly I have no idea where they come from, or the site they originate other than youtube. Which is a dead end but here are a few more.

Going by the youtube update times I guess these are still being made.



Thank you very much!!!!!!!


How long does it take to receive the confirmation email?


As far as I understand an admin must unlock the accounts personally.
A little bit too much, if you ask me. An automatic confirmation system would work just fine.


I'm guessing they had spam problems, though I'll agree that admin confirmation isn't the best solution to that problem. An art forum I went to several years ago died because of overly strict new-user confirmation.

I suspect it works better for Dark Spot because of its niche.


guys what about DL it and post it somewhere for us ppl that dont have accounts on that forum please ?


Hey, i managed to enter. Perhaps becouse I sent a message to tecnichal section or the wait did the trick.

So here it is some videos of the artist in order:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: Is yet to come.



Thank you very much.

Looking forward to part 5 (and likely part 6)


Nice video.
Not entirely on topic, but thought people may like this hang video too. It' also 3d and from a girls prospective.


Are there any others on YouTube? His profile shows no vids at all, so links would be nice if there are others. Also, any nude ones?


I love these vids



The author set his videos private for obvious reasons, but he posts the links in the Dark One.


I signed up for the dark spot, but it wont let me in


Fuck, this is awesome.


These are fantastic. Great work mysterious CG artist.

I'd love to see a beheading one.


Can take a week, and you might never receive the confirmation mail.
Just try to access the vids via the links here every few days.


I second this. Videos like these make me want to reinstall Blender and grind out all the tutorials I can find till I can make a decent lopping.



What I did was to send a message to "contact us" selecting the option "registration problem". send a couple and wait a few days, thats what i did to get in.


About the beheading, there is a cg artist there that did just that. Sadly he stop doing in about 2010 and the videos are really poor quality but are really nyce.


Do you have a link to those animations?



These beheading videos have been uploaded to Motherless, but I do not know the direct links.


If there are any other videos can someone please post the links?


This artist is genius, these are spectacular.


Any update on part 5?


Looking forward to Part 5. That last girl was the best looking one.


File: 1435052524606.jpg (621.07 KB, 1280x720, 08 Yankee.jpg)

Just a bit of info to clear the Dark Spot registration situation:
1 The site owner is in the hospital right now fighting for his life, so he cant respond quick enough, plus he might ignore accounts that look like spammers:)
2 It's one of the best and oldest snuff sites out there, with tons of quality stuff, even if it's a bit soft by G-chan standards
3 Site rules is that you can get access to full size pics only after you ether posted your own original art or stories, commented on other peoples art more than 10 times, or supported the site with a token donation:D

And here's one of the Freddy5353's stills:D



Oh, fuck, I didn't know Coyote was ill. Please give him warm regards from a Gurochan anon. I actually have an account on the website which I made a while ago, but was having trouble accessing it. I e-mailed asking for a new password and he has not replied, but now I know why. Please keep us posted on El Coyote's situation.


Thanks, all, for sharing these. Is there another video that goes with the still shown here? I quite agree--there's room for several installments of the "Connecticut Yankee" series....we can only hope the artist will carry on.

I've seen a lot of Poser videos but these are entirely new to me.



Any news on the latest vid?


Any sign of Part 5?


All have heard is it is going to take a little longer than the others so I suspect sometime next month is the earliest we can expect it.



So after looking for some time I can't seem to find them. Can anyone help out?


Is the Oddyseus thing a series?


Is the Oddyseus thing a series?


No, nor is the seven


Bumping in case people in the know has updates


No release yet.


Any info on Part 5 yet?


does anybody have a log in for that can be used?


I have a working Darkspot account.

The guy is literally taking his sweet ass time with the next part, and has just recently updated that he still has a way to go.


can u lend me your account?


can u lend me your account


3.can u lend me your account



Can you post direct links for Seven Hanging Around and Odysseus?


I'll lend you my account in exchange for your credit card deets.


oh...don't be so stingy -_-
give me free please?


yes, if anyone has a way to get the full vids of the Odysseus one or any others like it, please share


File: 1443289230312.jpg (336.74 KB, 783x800, 95021D8.jpg)

check this one


Video, or just this picture?


File: 1443373190180.jpg (138.65 KB, 900x644, a_mass_hanging_of_prairie_….jpg)

Can you guys put all the links to his work? Please


File: 1443373303576.jpg (487.12 KB, 2920x4000, 0011.jpg)


File: 1443379392759.png (1007.18 KB, 1280x1024, commission__group_executio….png)


They're already there.



Is Part 5 out



Nope. Real soon though hopefully!


Most likely gonna take quite some time since he last posted that he finished 30 seconds or so, probably half way there


Most likely gonna take quite some time since he last posted that he finished 30 seconds or so, probably half way there




Bump to keep from falling too low - looking forward to Part 5. :D


File: 1449171539092.jpg (81.95 KB, 640x360, coming121215.jpg)

coming soon


Links for the versions of these videos, just in case youtube ever decides to remove them (despite them being hidden)

Lot of demand for more on the comments section there as well, so heres hoping the artist will continue doing this stuff in the future after this series is done.



Is it Xmas yet?


Appearently darkspot is blocking my country now, can only access via proxy.


can someone sent next the part link?


12-12 isn't even close to being over, and we have no idea where Feddy lives.
It might not even be posted yet. be patient, at least until tomorrow.


alright then.


part 5:
credit go to freddy 5353


Link doesn't work.


Link doesn't work.


Link doesn't work.



You have to take the XX out of the hXXp in the link, smart one. :)


change hXXps: to https:
if you still not understand



That was hot.

Will the last girl like being hanged? Or will she learn it isn't as much fun as she thinks? I hope it's the latter.


OMG, now a new wait.


That was hot as hell.


It's amazing!!!



Damn, nearly missed that one.


Will there hooded/cloaked woman, dayum!


bump, one to go.


Impatiently waiting...


Check out below for historical hanging animations, free but higher res requires donation.

updates every morning.


Bump in hope of an update. :)


very good work!
for a donatation you should give more options than this not easy to handle bitcoin.
do you know skrill?


Bump in hope of an update. :)


Bump for whenever the last part comes...


Bump in hope of an update, and to keep from losing this. :)




is there a new or an other place for maybe offline forever thedarkspot? seems that part 6 has a longer runningtime. :)
perfect best ever made 3d art hanging work! - my biggest thanks and much respect to the artist - groovy play with dark lezdoom fantasies - but i miss a little bit some real nudity - wear girl 1 now a panty or not? :)


>is there a new or an other place for maybe offline forever thedarkspot?
nah, that's not the case
> seems that part 6 has a longer runningtime. :)
freddy will surely deliver, we just gotta wait


Is return of odysseus the same as odysseus. Could someone post freddy's stills somewhere or even Jpg them on here as I'm having issues with Darkspot. Does anyone have the date for part 6?


The waiti is killing me


Is greek video available on motherless?



Yes it is. AF20DC8







Part 6 was just announced for July 23.


nr 6!


nr 6!




I heard he lost the files because they became corrupt.


There is meant to be a story to this. Could somebody on the Dark Spot copy and paste the story here please?



I will be sad if that turns out to be true.



I won't go to the trouble of copying it, but the gist of it is that the woman who's in the maid outfit in the videos travels through time somehow to King Arthur's court, gets up to some shenanigans, and her, Queen Guinevere (the blonde) and some others disguise themselves as slaves in an attempt to escape. They are betrayed by the black-haired hottie while escaping, and the whole gang is sentenced to hang.


IS there only one video of "Seven"? I think the hooded executioner there deserve some attention on her own devices..


That happened for both the Seven and the Ulysses scenes, but not (as far as has been announced) for the 5-part, soon 6-part series.


Does anyone have the url for p6


There is nothing else
No part 6 yet!



More than worth the wait. :)


hope Seven gets a continuation, or maybe get some nuns, witches, cloaked assassins to hang. would be crazy



THAT WAS AWESOME! Soooo much better than previous ones :D, and they were great!


Does anyone know what projects Freddy5353 is working now and the dates of next releases?


love these only thing I could want more was some necro peeing


Could someone please post where we can find the the story that goes with these hangings.


It's at the TDS, you require an account (which you can make, but it needs manual approval so you may have to wait for a while) and also you need to become a member to view most threads. The easiest way is to introduce yourself at the introductions board.


How long will the Dark Spot confirmation e-mail take? I sent on Saturday and haven't received a thing.


It's done manually, when ElCoyote checks his stuff so idk. It took 8 days for me :\


can everybody join thedarkspot or is this a place for artists only?


Everyone can join and the community is kinda nice. It's very supportive of artists.


Still haven't received a thing!

What is the guy's e-mail address? See if I can chivy him on...

Also does anybody have any idea what Freddy is doing next?

Thx all


He's gonna do another hanging, but with new software. Unfortunately they're gonna be clothed again.


>>5817 Yeah what is his e-mail by the way? I'm also having a problem with my account being verified.


I PM-ed ElCoyote since I couldn't find his email. I think your situation will be resolved, but idk when.


>>5819 When?

Also, does El Coyote send you a message if your account has been declined? I really want to get my account and it has been best part of a month.







Thanks for the link mate


3D snuff hanging (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court)


news from freddy somewhere?


He did say he's working on his next project that's also going to feature hangings of clothed women. Said this in his thread on TDS





Any news on Freddy's next venture?


Video got deleted.
Anyone can reupload?





Lovin' it! Sadly it's only parts 1-5 in the same video, does anyone have a download link with parts 1-6 in one video with 720p quality?


Looks like part 5 has been removed from YouTube...



Part 1 removed.


Is this still alive?


Freddy privatized the remaining parts of Connecticut.


Found this:

【Ryona】Prologue 【Sexy Hanging】

Part 1 Offline
Part 2 Offline

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Without the h t t p s : / / w w w .


no new story news?


There is some news - the YouTube account the guy was using for those videos has been terminated - they are no longer on YouTube.

Does anyone else have a place to find them elsewhere?



Yea. Any news?


hang me


File: 1523975890780.jpg (279.61 KB, 1280x720, breaking-noose-02-freddy.jpg)

are these 4 pics from a new freddy movie?
the pics have 720p size so maybe a movie exist?


File: 1523975910632.jpg (252.63 KB, 1280x720, breaking-noose-04-freddy.jpg)

pic 2


File: 1523975932028.jpg (310.9 KB, 1280x720, breaking-noose-10-freddy.jpg)

pic 3


File: 1523975985633.jpg (278.76 KB, 1280x720, breaking-noose-13-freddy.jpg)

pic 4 (from a 20 pics pictoral)


File: 1523976065904.jpg (299.16 KB, 1280x720, breaking-noose-18-freddy.jpg)

oops i meant 5 pics


I know he was making a new series but haven't heard or seen anything for a long time. If this is part of a new animation of his, I'd like to see a link to the whole thing. The man is talented.


full pictoral.


Link doesn't work


File: 1535495386946.jpg (287.97 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pe6pyab1uP1w6s4u6o1….jpg)


File: 1535495396265.jpg (222.45 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pe6pyab1uP1w6s4u6o2….jpg)


File: 1535495415535.jpg (305.61 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pe6pyab1uP1w6s4u6o3….jpg)

I found those three on tumblr


Link please?



Link to what? There is nothing more than those pics, afaik. They were posted here, anyway:



Obviously they come from thedarkspot, like all Freddy's work



Found a place that has all six parts saved. And some other stuff, but I haven't looked at anything else yet. Gurochan won't let me post the link since it thinks the site is spam, but if you google "cgi freddy hanging video," click on the result for a site called Prince's Horror Central.


How do I get my Darkspot account activated? Do I have to pay for it? I'm waiting my activation for months...


You can post links if you separate the h t t p like so



all in one version with good quality. Sadly couldn't find his previous works…



Holy hell, man. Thanks!


File: 1543929881303.png (1.52 MB, 1280x738, file.png)


no problem. I found that site very good to dump all large files containing guro stuff, as it allows guro and welcomes HD content in general.
Also, if you like hanging or guro in general I suggest you to check out my Tumblr blog which unfortunately will get the chop after dec 17th, I posted lots of good content there almost always with sources.



File: 1559246187688.jpg (436.99 KB, 1280x1811, 48572047_p3_Bunny_war_1_5.jpg)

Can I know the artist and place to see it full?





any news from freddy?

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