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Hi there!

Hey guys, any traces of Magic Steel from magicstew.tumblr?


Sadly because of the Tumblrpocalypse his works were gone before we could saved it :(


There's some MagicSteel works on




Thanks for the links, guys!
So, no any news from the talented artist since Tumblrpocalypse? So pity!




Thank you so much!!! You have incredible collection! Hope to see it all :)


My collection is more than 1 TB of guro art (and 10TB of hentai art total) located in Russia. So we have some complications^^


i wonder what happened to magicsteel after the tumblrpocalypse?


Little by little for best of the best (especially if artist and their resources are gone). Some kind of retrospective (✪㉨✪)


It seems no one knows. I hope one day he will come back! Hey magicsteel, we miss you!


Do someone know what happened after guro humblr was closed? I also can't find any leads to Meatlover's 3d art…



Thank you very much! I totally forgot about his short nickname on deviant.


Thank you very much friend for the collection magicsteel's artworks. it's sad to see good and best artist to disappear along with the art that makes it.

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