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Wondering if someone could write a short story based on this pic?


If you'd go into a little more detail, maybe. Who's the girl (or at least what's her name), and how does necrophilia play into it? Or whatever other stuff that's supposed to happen.


The girl's name is Sahja, she is calm and constantly smiling as she maintains a gentle demeanor but it turns out to be a facade. She's actually selfish and greedy. Will manipulate anyone if she can gain something of interest for her.
The girl's name is Sahja, she is calm and constantly smiling as she maintains a gentle demeanor but it turns out to be a facade. She's actually selfish and greedy. Will manipulate anyone if she can gain something of interest for her.

She tried to backstab her party which backfired horribly.

Sometime had passed when a group of adventurers found her corpse. They made some remarks before passing on. One of them told his group to go ahead and went back to her corpse. Since she had a bounty on her head.
He jerked off to her head before tossing it into a burlap bag.

Feel free to make some tweaks.


I'll see what I can come up with. It might take a few days, though since I'm gonna be on vacation and don't know if I'll have internet there.




Here you go. I took some liberties, since I wanted to show both her death and the necrophilia in some sensible way, but thanks to the (implied) fantasy-ish setting I found a good way. Any constructive feedback is obviously appreciated.


“So then she said to the drago- What's that?” The half-orc leading the group suddenly stopped in his tracks in front of a small clearing at the side of the road, and the other three quickly caught up with him, finding a rather gruesome sight.

“G-goodness! This is just-” The elven shaman Maya quickly turned away from the scene with a hand in front of her mouth, but the rest of the party was a bit more experienced and hardened to a bit of bloodshed, so while the leader quickly tended to Maya, the others took a moment to inspect the scene.

In the midst of what had likely been a small camp – remains of a fire and imprints of 2 or 3 more bedrolls, little more – last night, the body of a young woman was put on brutal display. She was catfolk, as evidenced by her slender light brown tail, matching the colour of her hair, and large cat ears visible under her cap. She was wearing light travelling clothes, including sturdy boots and a cape, but her hands were tied behind her back, and the front of her skirt and shirt had been mostly torn away to reveal her moderately large, firm breasts and completely shaved pussy.

…And the thin pole impaling her through her pussy and exiting from the stump of her neck where her head had been cut clean off, dried blood running down from both ends. Her head was impaled on a shorter pole right next to the body, her vacant expression nonetheless giving a glimpse of her pain and fear, blood smeared around her mouth and dripping from her severed neck, a sign on below her head – that was perhaps written in her own blood, judging by the colour – proclaiming her as a 'Greedy Whore'.

“Looks like someone really didn't like her.” Aythan dryly commented, and his companion besides him just shrugged.

“I told you this part of the country was a hellhole. This is a new record, though.”

“Yeah. And looks like whoever killed her took all of her stuff too, so there's nothing we can do here. Let's just go before Maya throws up.”

Only a good ten minutes or so after they'd continued on their way, Aythan finally realised why that girl had somehow seemed familiar to him. “Damn it, I knew I'd seen that face before. That girl we just found, she had a half-decent bounty on her head. A bunch of thievery and the like, I think.”

“That so?” The leader asked. “We can't drag the whole body with us to the next city, though. Is her head gonna be enough?”

“Most likely.” Aythan nodded. “You keep going, I'll go back and make sure it's her, then catch up with you.”

“Wait, you're not actually going to …carry her head with you?” Maya asked “That's…”

“Alright, alright, I'll put it in a bag and keep it far away from you, don't worry your pretty little head about it.” Aythan smirked at the young woman's visible unease before turning around. “See you guys in a bit.”

Arriving at the remains of the camp, Aythan focused for a moment, drawing a shining rune into the air, that quickly faded into a large hemisphere encircling him and most of the campsite with a simple invisibility ward. It wouldn't help against anyone really looking for him, but it should protect from most disturbances to his spell.

Drawing a thin circle around the body with some chalk powder, Aythan began a silent incantation to reveal just what had happened here, not calling on the spirit of the victim herself – because even if they were willing to speak at all, most spirits would be much too disturbed by their recent violent deaths to get much useful information out of – so much as the memories imprinted on the body itself and the surroundings, and brutal scenes like this would usually leave traces strong enough to read for several days.

What was your name? And what happened to you..? It didn't take long for Aythan to learn the girl's name had been Sahja, though apparently she'd used numerous aliases over time as well, one of which matched the one on the bounty poster, so it very likely was her. And after a few more moments, Aythan got a glimpse of what had happened to her too, confirming his general suspicions.

He saw a brutish warrior catch Sahja as she tried to steal the gold and valuables off the group she'd been travelling with when they camped for the night. After a brief argument with the party's leader – a busty drow carrying two short swords – that quickly revealed Sahja's true colours, calling herself 'generous' for not trying to kill the others in their sleep, the both of them beat Sahja down for several moments, tearing away the front of her clothes in the process.

The warrior then tied her hands and forced her legs apart as the drow procured the thin pole from somewhere, pushing it into Sahja's pussy, the girl's curses quickly turning to pleas, then screams of pain as the other woman continued slowly and almost meticulously impaling her, seeming to enjoy every moment of Sahja's pain, before finally the tip emerged from her mouth, her whole body shuddering in agony and tears streaming down her face as the other two set the pole upright into the ground, putting Sahja's writhing body on full display.

Maybe by design, or maybe just chance – though her obvious satisfaction as she watched Sahja's struggles probably indicated the former –, the drow had managed to not hit anything vital as she impaled Sahja, so the girl's suffering continued for an unclear amount, potentially hours, but in these visions it was hard to tell the passage of time. But ultimately she put Sahja out of her misery, walking up behind her to brutally slash open her throat, then slice all the way around her neck and carve through the spine, lifting away Sahja's head and impaling it on the shorter pole, the vision fading out several moments later as did Sahja's life, her body peeing itself as it went limp, and her head following suit only seconds after.

The vision fading back into reality, Sahja's body almost unchanged save for a lot of the blood dried or dripped off, and her skin distinctly more pallid, Aythan took a brief moment to regain his bearings, noticing he'd gotten quite the hard-on in his pants. For whatever reason, emotionally intensive visions sometimes tended to cause that, though in this case gives Sahja's attractiveness and her killer's blatant enjoyment, it wasn't too surprising.

Checking if his ward was still active, Aythan inspected the body; her pussy would likely be ruined by the spike impaling her, not to mention be a bit of a pain to get down from there, but her head was much more accessible. Lifting Sahja's head off the spike, Aythan found that she was still a little warmer than the ambient temperature, if clearly cooler than a living being should be, and after loosening her jaw, the inside of her mouth was still as damp and soft as it should.

Pulling down his pants, Aythan held Sahja's head from behind with one hand as he started to fuck her mouth, taking a few moments to find his pace before pushing his dick deep into her throat, which was still as soft and tight as he'd hoped for. Continuing to fuck her head faster and harder, Aythan groped Sahja's equally cool but still pleasantly firm breasts with the other hand, recalling the images of her painful struggle he'd just seen.

As expected it didn't take him long to cum at all, gasping and clenching as he rammed his dick deep down Sahja's throat, as he shot his load into her, some of the sticky white liquid starting to drip out of the stump of her neck a few moments later. After winding down a little, Aythan pulled Sahja's head away, some of his cum smeared around her lips as well.

Tearing off another scrap of Sahja's clothes, Aythan wiped off his dick before putting his pants back on, as well as both ends of Sahja's head, even reaching inside her mouth to get most of the cum out, and put it into a burlap bag hanging from his belt, then finally released his ward as he turned to leave, hurrying to catch up with his party.

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