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I havent owned a dildo or any form of toy before and I've always wanted one. all im looking for is a nice dog style cock toy (Strap on would work, my gf wants it too~) with a nice knot, thickness shouldnt be more than an inch (knot can be up to 2.5 i think) and can be up to 8 inches long or so. Awoo_desu#2221 if you think you could send it or money for it, but really im doing this out of horny desperation. i dont expect any suppliers, lol

if I can, ill send pictures of my first uses with it. im a bit of a bear but hopefully my butt is nice enough to make up~


you can get em for £5 at poundland


i generally just cant buy one right now, i have legit 0 dollars. college suck

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