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I've always liked this piece, but i wish to enhance it a little. I would be really grateful if someone can do at least a few of my ideas.

Remove her nose hook.
Remove her teeth.
Make the strap for her gag to go under the hood.
Turn the gag into a muzzle with fucksleeve.
Remake her bodysuit into a thick rubber one and remove the straps and seams from it. Put a picture of a toilet on her chest.
Cover her whole face with eyeless rubber mask and glue it to her hood. The mask can be semi-transparent.
Turn her head forward and give her a metal posture collar.
Remove her arms, leave no stumps.
Remove her legs, leave short stumps with metal cuffs around them.
You may remove the stroller. Either secure her to a basic metal frame, or tilt the picture and make her laying on a table.
Extend her bodysuit to her crotch and fill her holes with massive rubber sheaths/onaholes that would keep her holes gaping


The Llamas like this!


but would the Llamas also draw this?





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