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anyone have this whole manga please~~?


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I searched too long for this… Couldn't find.

All I can say the artist is probably either: 稗田束夷人
Or (less likely): さぼいっく

I extracted the text from >>14008 and got:

盗撮!! = Voyeurism !!
名門校割礼 = Prestigious school circumcision
作 = Work
稗田 = Hieda
束夷人 = Concubine
画 = Picture
さぼいっく = Crap

稗田束夷人 = Kazuto Hieda
さぼいっく = Sabo ikku (pronounced)


Actually after even more searching seems like the artist's name is Hieda Touijin, also known as "kurona" and he has done other similar works. This one in this thread must be a very early work because his style is completely different (looks more "anime" these days). Still can't find this story under his name in a torrent though.


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