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To improve my skills with Blender (as i am still a novice), i wish to try and create a combination of three pictures in 3D.
Those are:

I will use Judy as my "test dummy" for now, but i may switch to another character later if this little project became successful (or popular).
What i want to do is to build her a permanent prison where she will spend eternity screaming from sexual frustration and torment. at least she will be screaming when she¨s not being forced to eat food worthy of a living toilet. And of course, her body and mind will be kept perfectly healthy and she will be kept fully aware.
What i need your help with are ideas, as i want to make this project as "devious" as it can get. So please share every little detail you can imagine and tell me how would YOU go at this.

Her main form of torture should be sexual frustration, everything else is secondary. And remember that no amount of bondage is too little for her, the more creative/cruel the better.
What should be her body-mods? What bondage equipment should be attached to her body and how to attach those items permanently? What should be done about her holes/tits? Etc….


I woud like the idea of her cervix pulled out pierced with 2 rings and either they are tied to something or some weight is attached to pull it out. also another ring can be pierced into her clit and pull it in opposite direction

to keep her frustrated add IV drip with aphrodisiac ;)
also breast sucking pumps will not hurt either but instead of pumping milk into the storage tank just make that milk accumulate in the suction cups themselves.for a twist make one of those suction cups fall off spilling all milk on the ground.

But now I start doubting if any of that is applicable if you just encase all character into rubber leaving no skin visible


Your ideas should be possible, i honestly didn't even considered doing vaginal prolapse as i was imagining simply stuffing her pussy and womb to the breaking point with something uncomfortable. Curious idea.
Doing IV drip with aphrodisiac is planned, several of those in fact and all with a differend warning and color.

What i forgot to mention previously is that i plan to do several pictures to show her gradulal progress into her new life.
Her body-mods will happen first (like amputations, blindness, rubber skin, implants, etc.), hopefully you all will help me to figure out the most creative ones.
Next will be the instalation of her bondage equipment, again the more restrictive/creative/permanent the better (like putting a metal muzzle with build-in ring gag over her mouth and securing it to her head with several metal rods through her nose and jaw).
Last level should be her instalation into the metal shell (third picture in the first post) and connecting her to a life support/feeding machine.
And to add some flavor into this, i wish to make it seems like everything is being directed by a sadistic AI. Most pictures will include screen or screens with messsages and descriptions of what´s happening/about to happen to her and the AI's reactions to it. And again, i will need help to figure this out, but that can be done as the pictures are being produced.
Example of AI's behaviour:
Warning, extreme dosage of several experimental/horse aphrodisiacs detected. Stress level: critical. Vaginal secretion production enhanced by 13%. Stress level: ignored. Setting current mixture/dosage as: default.


I assumed that it will be just one picture, but if you will make multiple then it is going to be way more fun.

If you take away her limbs it is not going to look very good, as not much of the body will be left for any bondage :)

But speaking about other body mods, one idea is to replace her breast skin with transparent rubber and her top of the head with a glass.
another idea is to use rods for bondage, instead of tying her skewer her limbs with those rods and fix her in the frame with screws ;)

To progress it further her limbs can be removed entirely because obviously they need to be amputated after that ;)

Since it is all done by AI putting a lot of needle electrodes into her skin will be very appropriate for reading status data and also providing extra stimulation ;) continuing that further, adding some VR goggles or brain-computer interface would make it more interesting because then she can enjoy virtual rape as well not just be tortured with infinite boredom:)


Using rods for bondage is an interesting idea. Perhaps as a way to secure her during the instalation of her body-mods?
I was thinking about using electrodes as well, but i haven't figured out how many there should be or where to put them. Perhaps i can make a rubber catsuit with tiny needle electrodes on the inside?

VR googles would be too big, perhaps contact lenses with screens?(if she's not blind after the body-mod phase). Brain-computer interface would be possible as well, i was planning to give her a microchip implant into her head to disable her ability to orgasm.(more ideas for such implants would be welcome). The idea with virtual rape is interesting, but i don't want her to forget even for the tiniest moment that her fate is inescapable and this could be a form of escapism for her..


Yes, catsuit would be sexy, but also it kinda hides her too much so you cant see what is going on, If it is a fantasy or text story it is not a problem but if you are doing picture you need to think how to show stuff.
so what do you think about transparent or semitransparent rubber? or you can make holes in the right places and make skin bulge outside from those holes making it look as if it is very tight.

My suggestion about electrodes is to gradually increase their number
first just add on each nipple and 2 on the pubic mound. they can be used to give electric shocks. later add more on her breasts they do not need to be tiny in fact bigger is better so that they are not just pushed in but skewer the skin and exit out.

speaking about VR I think it should be also pretty transparent not to hide her face so size will not matter that much.
Contact lenses also could work especially if the character has big anime-style eyes, and maybe to show how they work you can display some text/or picture on them

computer interface should be not some chip (because you can't see it) but a cable plugged into the socket on the head.

But I wonder why do you think it is a good idea to disable orgasms for a girl because for me, it seems that it would make more sense to give her one permanent orgasm where she would say "stop no more make it stop i can't stand it anymore"

Unless you really want to torture her with boredom in which case she will be begging to do anything to her even rape or make fell pain just to end that boredom.

I think it is getting similar to to the works of this artist


Using transparent and semitransparent rubber is not a bad idea, as it can show her condition even in heavy bondage. What about putting the electrodes all over her body and then dressing her in a transparent rubber suit to keep them in place? Additional electrodes can be added through the rubber suit with the instalation of the bondage equipment.
Putting a socked on her head for the computer interface is a good idea, she would still be able to hear and see only what is allowed by the AI even if she is physically blind and deaf.
I want to disable her orgasms because i wish to make sexual frustration as her main form of torture. So no matter how much aphrodisiacs are pumped into her or how much stimulation she will experience she can never cum. She can only get more and more horny.
And you're right about the boredom, perhaps there can be a mirror in every scenario of her virtual reality so she can watch herself being raped in full bondage?
What would you do about her clit?


Yes it woud be all great if done as you say with those electrodes I was just imagining it in the more typical way as usually portrayed in most pictures

Also if you think about making her blind and deaf to keep her good looks you can still keep some eye implants in the eyesockets but maybe without pupils or if possible something what is obviously looking just as decoration :)
not sure how it would look like but maybe for example plain transparent glass instead of usual white eyes with irises just painted on top to make it evident that it is not real eyes
another idea is eye implants that are actually status displays to show her emotions in the form of emoticons. for example, they could show red glowing hearts in place of pupils ;)

>I want to disable her orgasms because I wish to make sexual frustration as her main form of torture.

hehe, I personally don't see that as torture at all In fact it is so great if you can stay aroused ;) So I would even consider that AI doing a good thing ;) But either way, I like idea of being permanently horny without getting a relief, although considering the fact that we are dealing with girl and not a boy, orgasms do not really give any relief for them they can do it over and over non-stop.
Probably your idea to keep her just on the edge is still better after all than endless orgasm. But maybe to emphasize it rather than putting implant chip which prevents orgasms entirely let's call it to monitor chip which reads her status and adjust the proper level of stimulation :) so she kinda can experience an orgasm but she is not allowed to have it.

Seeing her alternate reality on the screen would be just perfect but then we kinda have 2 pictures instead of one. Although you can just out any picture on it

I already mention what I could do with her clit which is just putting on piercing and pulling it maybe if you don't mind more extreme version lest add 2 piercings and pull in the opposite directions, naturally, her clit will be stretched pretty big and maybe, in the end, it can be in the size of small penis, making it a perfect place to attach a vibrator
if you don't mind to do pussy prolapse also there can be separate stimulation to G spot.


I'm starting to get a better idea about what exactly i want to do to her, thanks.
I was planning to stretch her clit by using a small vacuum pump and then to give her clit painfull shocks if she gets too close to an actual orgasm. It can also get inserted into a small vibrating onahole for stimulation.
Prolapse would make an interesting choice, but wouldn't it be better to fill her pussy with a spiked dildo? Perhaps one that is big enough to also fill her womb? And what about her other holes?

Another thing i want to do is to use IV drips to fill her with aphrodisiacs. My idea is to connect a few of them to her neck and tits, perhaps even to her stomach and into her ovaries? Once those aphrodisiact get on the scene i want the AI to shortly describe each one of them as either illegal, biological hazard or as designed for large animals. Maybe we can also figure out some interesting side effects for each one of them like increased sensitivity or permanently induced heat. I want her HORNY!

What would you feed her?



One problem which I see with dildos is that they are not visible when inside so you can experience all the glory ;) If you use a dildo I think you should provide some kind of X-ray vision so see whats is going inside either on some separate monitor or right on her body.

Dildo also should be not only spiked but shaped like a screw with the slightly conical shape (so that it could be possible to extrapolate how much of it is inside ;)

Another idea which a bit more complex, is to use not one big dildo but 3 smaller ones that can roll around inside of the pussy. this way spikes will be constantly poking her meat.
Maybe there can be even some transparent gearbox shown to describe how it all works.

Speaking about aphrodisiac side effects, I think increased sensitivity and heat is sort of primary effect, not a side effect. a side effect would be if she goes blind or starts hallucinating and screaming in horror.

I would rather think about her facial expression as if she has ahegao face or something under extreme tension. since later seem to be more relevant if she is on the edge of orgasm while ahegao is what happens after when she gets relief.

as for feeding her, that's interesting too, but for me, an interesting idea would be doing do it a bit different than usual. so instead of stuffing a huge tube in her mouth, only a small tube would be used
It would be even interesting if it goes right into her stomach.
considering wahst she should eat since this is all closed system feeding her, her own shit looks appropriate, but first, it should be reprocessed into something nutritious.


Just remember that sooner or later everything will be hidden. The last "layer" that will be put on her will be a metal shell and she will watch through the VR as it gets closed/welded shut. But that's much later.

Another type of a dildo that could get used is one for electro-stimulation, but i guess that this one wouldn't be as creative as the others. I wonder if there can be done some combination of prolapse and insertion, create some combination of a dildo and a suction cup?

Doing an X-ray should be pretty simple, at least it is in my head.

You're right about the aphrodisiacs, but i would still like to try and figure out a good reason for all of them about why they are labeled as illegal. Of course those same reasons must be behind the AI's decision to use them.

Her facial expressions will be limited by her body-mods and by the stuff that will be put on her head(like a ring-gag screwed to her jaw). After a certain point her reactions will be described by the observing AI.

When it comes to food, my first idea was to use another female, feed her with fiber-rich nutritious paste, send her into orgasm hell and whatever comes out of her body will be fed to Judy. But that would double the amount of work.

How would you imagine the process of replacing her skin with a rubber one?


depending on the way hos you will do it shell also can be made "transparent" as kind of X-ray.

Of course, you can use any kind of dildo you want but if it is electric you probably need some way to visualize it like sparks or something ;)
The suction cup itself can work great as a dildo too.

If I think why something can be illegal it is because they feel good and thus they are directive ;)
So this aphrodisiac probably will turn anyone into a highly aroused slut without any self-control if used for too long. it is commonly used for turning girls into sex slaves and sell them later.
Although I wonder if that's the case she probably will not mind being encased and raped nonstop for the rest of her life by that machine LOL

You have quite a dirty idea on how to feed her LOL it would be quite good if you could do it.

I did not imagine replacing her skin with rubber as that would be pretty hard to do just putting her in the rubber suit would be enough. but actually replacing parts of hers kin with something transparent would look pretty good. for example, brain could be exposed that way


File: 1578126559118.jpg (823.84 KB, 1200x900, example.jpg)

You remind me of this artist called "NotAShiny":
Maybe you can get some ideas by browsing his stuff?


I know of him and i love his dolls. Watching his stuff already gave me a few ideas here and there, like the tubes dangling from the mask in the picture you have posted.
I wonder if there is a way for Judy to taste and smell everything she's eating and breathing, even if there are tubes filling her mouth and nose. Also, i need to figure out what exactly she should be eating and breathing, but that's more like a late game stuff.
Anyway, do you have any ideas about how to best achieve my goals for her?


File: 1580671652945.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Test 1-1.png)

Hello again,
while this is only semi-related to this thread, i wanted post at least SOMETHING i've made in Blender to show that i'm not just all talk. This is my attempt at
I'm pretty unhappy with how it turned out. Mistakes has been made.
But hey, first attempt, some lessons learned, maybe i can do it better next time.

I wonder if any of you will see this as a fap material.


File: 1580671746861.png (902.17 KB, 1080x1920, Test 1-2.png)


File: 1580672202129.png (998.08 KB, 1080x1920, Test 1-3.png)

Anyway, i'm still looking for ideas for my little project. Those ideas doesn't need to be from your head, a picture or a small piece from a story will do as well. Anything that contains an idea that would enhance her suffering or helplessness will be welcomed.


I wonder if anyone is honestly interested in this


>>14102 first time sharing yor works and they look great already. I'm looking forward to your next projects.
You should make yourself a thread on /3dcg/ tho, cause people don't come on this board for local artist's works, more to just drop some requests and image sources. That results in low activity on this thread.
Keep on the good work.


Thank you for your compliment. As i said before i am not very happy with those pics, her "suit" doesn't look very inescapable due to the lack of details. I need to fix that, any idea how?

The reason for creating my thread here is because i didn't know how quickly i would be able to create new content. Besides, it seems that most of the users on this site and on /3dcg/ prefer the more bloody and guro-ish stuff, but who knows.
I don't want to be seen as a spammer by creating the same thread in /3dcg/.


File: 1581879080534.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)

Another piece that i'm not happy with, as i have managed to screw up the rendering. Lesson learned. Anyway, here is Judy trying to earn her keep.

Now i have two questions for you guys: how to tweak the design of the urinal plumbing so she's forced to smell the urine and what is the most permanent way IRL for combining two pieces of metal?

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