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May be someone can help or give a hint.

I'm looking for some anatomical footage recordings of the exact picrelated setup i.e. actual female body cut precisely in half. Ive asked on 8Chan before it died and I know precisely some of the archive footage exist for a price on darkweb but I'm not touching that with a mile long pole.

The process apparently relatively simple, they pre-drain the blood then freeze up body in vacuum freezer to some degree to keep form and then use super-thin, diamon saw spinning very fast to make very clean cut kinda similar to


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Free viewers for medical 3d data exist. Free datasets for such viewers exists.

You would be limited to CRT/MRT and similar imaging data, but you would be able to get a closer look at the inside of a human body.


Or you can simply look up Bodies: The Exhibition, by a reknown anatomist Gunther von Hagens.



I wasnt talking about 3D models and illustrations, wasnt it clear from the OP?
It was about actual photos or recorded footage from real cadaver.



Very close, yes, but the talk was about real thing.


The one I mentioned is not 3D or illustration. Those are real human bodies/cadaver as anatomy exhibition in museum.


Yes but they are plastified, the preparation I was talking about in OP is different and basically shows raw body





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