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First off, remember this is a fantasy of mine. I know my limits and I would never hurt someone in real life. I would be a fool to do that to someone who enjoyed my fantasy.

I am looking for a woman who is interested in being used as my toy over and over till I am satisfied, then snuffed, and her dumb body used then for my pleasure and enjoyment.

I will have my fun fucking you and dominating you. Then as you get close to cumming, consistently torturing you with it and not letting you. Then when I am close, I will snap your dumb neck, or strangle you out before I fuck your limp body and release my load into your tight pussy while your ass ripples from my thrusts.

If you are interested, and are willing to be a toy for my pleasure, to use whenever I please, or want to discuss what I have in mind I will have you toss me an email.

My Info —
Age 28
Looking For - Female, no trans / gay
I want a submissive toy to use how I please, and who will obey.

My email :

I look forward to hearing from you. It is possible we could start with roleplaying if you are nervous, but if we go down this road, you are my play thing, to use for my pleasure… not your own.


Looking to be more online to start with. I appreciate you guys getting back to me. I am looking for a dumb girl who wants to give her body to me online for now.

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