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Lost the pic but remembered it's a manga and a girl beheaded by something from behind and fell straight when giving a gift to a hero or protagonist or just a random character wearing glasses.

Sorry for the rogue description of the story, and much appreciated for anyone who can help dig it out.


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This it?


>>13317 nice!



Many thanks for the help uploading the pic and post the link to the manga, really awesome reply as the description is vague.

By the way, there is another one I want to request which still only with story.

A cyborg girl with double side ponytail is dismembered and laying on the bed or couch or something, and a character like a cat saying the cyborg girl is named "蝶子" (butterfly?).

There are other characters to the side, like they are a team or a unit, one of the member seem like a teacher with glasses as he is called "sensei".

Seen the pic some time ago, never found the manga or maybe it's a dojin.

I think it's harder to find, but still much appreciated for anyone who can offer the help, great effort.

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