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I like guro and stuff, but for me it is best when the character can't die, no matter how destroyed they get. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly hard to find such characters… So, if foi have ano pics, mangas, deviantart stories and characters who focus on this, please send!
Already seen A bad day not to die and Mai-Chan thing, but I prefer the ones where the subject is enjoying getting themselves ravaged. But feel free to send anything related!
Related pic is Diana, from bashfulsprite; even though his drawing hurts me a little, she is the only character I know with such traits


*If you have any pics


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Have a look at

Some kind of "Magical Immortal Girl" or something. The non-deaths are extremely brutal and creative.

Though I don't think anyone's enjoying themselves except for the demon guy who's inflicting the damage.

The author has done others too, but this is the one that comes to mind.


does tthis count?

Rita from doom patrol melt


NICE ONE! it would be even better if I could understand shit they're talking about, but nice


Sadly, I'm not aware of an English translation. Anyway there seems to be 5 mangas in the series, but I guess you've discovered that now.


I've just noticed, some of those mangas (Sukumizu Senshi Ryona) are only on exhentai, not e-hentai, so you'll need an account to get those, if you don't already.

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