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There's a Japanese artist named Burukabi who seems to draw exclusively for the Japanese market. When he had his own web site, I could barely navigate without resorting to Google Translate. He originally posted uncensored artworks, but somebody must have ratted him out. All the versions for a few years now are censored in the usual "no clit, no foreskin" style, which is distressing because I love the way he draws the female anatomy. Here is one example.


File: 1563248087471.jpg (371.72 KB, 600x1210, prolapse.jpg)

He had a wonderful series of prolapsed uteruses.


File: 1563248155255.jpg (375.83 KB, 734x1100, twatknifesoon.jpg)

He moved into more violent scenes over time.


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He started posting censored images, and then moved to Pixiv. I can't access him on Pixiv because I can't make it work with Tor anymore But if anyone can maybe copy a few explicit pregnant snuff scenes, it would make my day.


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He also seems to be active at a site called BOOTH, which seems to be related to Pixiv and charges a very fair price for his content.


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Thank you for your consideration. <3

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