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It's a long shot but forever ago someone posted this really unsuual manga…I can't remember the name of it. I have tried on reddit and my question was removed.
So I am gonna come back to the source. Y'all. Sorry, I've got no pics of it. If I did, I'd find it easier.
The basic plot was really hard to follow. It was really surreal. Two people were having sex. Then somehow they were in a 'film reel', and they kept 'cutting and pasting' the film reel. And it kept repeating, only it got more warped because the film was 'damaged'. There was also some sort of brief sidestory thing I think between sex scenes which was the same scene over and over with slightly different dialogue until they all became eldritch abominations and the dialogue was looking like some zalgo shit.
the dialggue itself was unusual. like strangely translated, but that might just be most mangas…
it was very short. it didn't have multiple chapters.
i think the last frame might have been just a copy and pasted image over and over, tiny squares of the manga itself, all posted into one pic. it was a lot of squares.

it has elluded me forever, i'm gonna go nuts if i don't find it.


I don't know that one specifically, but it sounds like something Shintaro Kago would do.


thanks, I'll start there

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