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There used to be more of these videos on another channel a long time ago, with this same old guy and I think even the same lady. But the last channel I saw these on has long since been banned for violation of ToS or some shit.



If anyone knows anything about the man and woman in these videos, or about other videos featuring either of these two, please come forward



The channel these are on, "Hope Porter" apparently has a video that's private/unlisted.

These have been up on for a long time and there are others with similar subject-matter. Happy hunting



OP here. I had almost completely forgotten about this thread until I decided to hop onto GuroCHAN for more info because I'd found another account that posts some shit like this to YouTube

This one going by the name Dave Porter



… That last message was meant to be a "thank you" but my scatterbrain ass didn't put in a proper thanks

Either way, thanks for giving me the source. I've been looking for these for ages

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