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I'm looking for a small comic where Hermione turns into a bimbo by ron and harry and then gets eaten by an ogre or orc or something. The artist or picture is appreciated.


The Url in the bottom right corner seems to indicate looking for Ninjaartist on patreon might help


OPs image is unrelated. I know he comic he is describing, but I can't remember the artist. I think it was someone who frequently posted on Pulptoon?


I once saw it while cruising around the guro tab on ehentai but couldn’t find it again. It went like this Harry and Ron gave hermione a potion and she’s turned into a bimbo, they say they wish they could fuck her new big tits but the ogre is hungry and feeds her to it, and then one of them says grab her guts for potion class. Anyone ever seen something like that before?



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Found it. Not as good as I remember.

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