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(pic unrelated, just looked similar in style)

It was 2 or 3 years ago somebody posted about an anime scat game on here with anime girls.

I don't know the name but it was a side-scroller and most of the scenes were outdoors or in caves.

There was one scene where a girl in a blue dress is sitting by a waterfall and this Goo creatures goes up her ass making her shit…. any ideas, guys?


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Found it myself, its a Mumu Factory game called The Odd Jobs of Rinarea.

Somebody on here posted just the scat scenes… anybody have that video, please?


Never saw a video of the scat scenes inside this game. If you are familiar with japanese game I can give you a link to download it. There are a "video" gallery.



That would be appreciated ^.^ I found the game to download in multiple places but they're all 404 errors now.

I don't quite know if it was a video or not (maybe I made the vid myself and was stoned) maybe somebody posted a 100% complete save file is what it was.


Here it is:

You don't need Ntlea or LocalEmulator, but compatibilty mode XP SP3 to play. Save file included; feel free to play it again; it's easy.


Odd Jobs of Rinarea needs a reupload. sorry to trouble OP, but could you post it again?


Can't. Dlsite complained about my link and dropbox blocked my file and permission.


damn, that sucks
i hate to sound needy, but would it be possible for you to post it on Google Drive or MEGA?
my PC got wiped recently and that was the only game i had'nt backed up


zippy is a good alternative also!


Is it just scat or are there other fetishes?

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