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I need to find the gun in the last resort game


What even is this?


the game is called last resort.
where you must find a gun and shoot almost 100 naked women


I tried googling but all i dropped was an old unrelated game. Do you have a link, also harry ominous game only his game naked fear, nothing else


I have several games and images of your old page, as soon as I can upload this and other


Here is the game. the controls are very intuitive



the gun is in the third floor you can get there from the roof
you have to get outside (jump from the balcony) then walk around the hotel until you find a ladder leading on the roof.




Lmao, this game has so many ripped screams from Postal 2. It's pretty bad, but I suppose it was made by a single person so I shouldn't have too many expectations out of a free time project.

You can have a much better experience
in Postal 2 itself with a custom map and the nude patches. There's also GTA V where you can go to some roof in single player (where there is no way for npcs to get away) and spawn strippers to gun down with waaaay better graphics and begging.

Heck, you can even load up the hitman absolution strip level with a trainer loaded so you're not detectable and you'll have much more fun than in this game.


I love postal3 alot even thought the game as a hole is bad but the business ladies in the game is very hot , however the downside is thier Upskirt scene is just black whiout panty.

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