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I'm looking for some information on a particular artist or his work. It was someone who made paperchildren and posted them back on Gurochan's first iteration. Their art was all various fairies, devils, angels, and related creatures being tortured and at the end of each 'arc' a chibi section that was more relaxed and cute followed any characters that made it out alive. They also had a Deviantart under a different name with SFW paper dolls.

In particular I'm looking for a series they did involving two snailgirls, which ended with one of the two girls being salted to death. The only place I know of that they ever shared their NSFW art besides Gurochan was a google group. Any information, like the name they went under when posting or the series itself if you have it, would be useful.

The snail set you're looking for begins on page 50.


The Author's site:
Snails are series 7.

The Author's DeviantArt:

It's too bad they haven't been active in about 2 1/2 years (and only one picture in the last 5). But when real life gets in the way, not much can be done.


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