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Hi folks. I hope I’m doing this right…I’ve never posted here before. I’m looking for a comic I saw some six years ago on a previous iteration of gchan. I remember it was about a female assassin of some kind who came into a cabin full of men (criminals?) and gunned them all down but a younger man who was hiding under a table. She coerces him into bandaging and licking her foot before eventually hanging him. I think she toyed with him in other ways too but I can’t remember. I still have the links to the old spots where the comic pages were posted but they obviously don’t work anymore and I unfortunately didn’t note the name of the artist or title of the work. I’d really love to see it again so if anyone has it, please let me know! Picture is not from the right comic but is thematically relevant. Thank you!


Bumping this because newer people want to see it too!

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