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Requesting a headless edit of this plz.




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I guess why not?

(For future reference, this sort of thing is really easy in with the Clone Stamp tool. Seriously, if I can do that, anyone can.)


Thanks so much!


The problem is that I'm using an Apple computer and I can't seem to find a download link that works with it.



PDN unfortunately doesn't exist for Mac, since it's based on Windows software. Try searching for art programs with a clone stamp tool.

What a clone stamp does is it repeatedly c/ps the pixels from one location onto another, maintaining x/y difference between your cursor and the anchor point. Say you set the anchor point to (0,0) and then click on (20, 20). Then you draw a line from there to (50, 50). A copy of the line of pixels from (0,0) to (30, 30) will be copied onto where you just drew. So look for a tool that does that. Good luck!

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