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I know this game is piece of crap, but can someone upload the full version of it?




I wouldn't say it was a piece of crap, the concept and gameplay is decent, it's just missing illustrations of any detailed visuals unfortunately IMO


You're right. The concept is good, but no CG's. Also while I was studying the demo of it, I found out, that this game not only doesn't have visuals, but also demo is, I think, a modified full version. I know, this is normal for developer to modify full ver. of game to be a demo, but this one has most of the full game sprites and the only difference is in events.

Note: This is my speculation and I could be wrong about it. I posted a request because I can't get RPG MV to load the game to see and revert the changes made by dev/devs.


That's unusual. I've seen games from crotch and their demos are not full games. If you are right, then a small change of code can make it a full game.


File: 1550605973186.png (419.03 KB, 1366x768, change.png)

After several days I managed to reverse engineer and access game files. And just as I thought the game actually is a full version, but the difference is one line. I marked on my screenshot. It translates to: "Trial version ends here." I may need some time to test the change, but i think it's not nessesary as all the assets are present.


Little update: Well, the modified trial version worked, but the map itself was affected. Also I don't know when are the characters added to your party. As of right now, I can tell that my ver. maybe is far modified from the original game. IF anyone wants this game in full version, please buy it. I couldn't because of country limitations. And I'm asking once again, can someone upload a full ver. of it?





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