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Anyone have the story Lucy’s Final Adjustment?


Lucy’s Final Adjustment [Fairy Tail; m/f; neck snap; necrophilia; non-con]

“Welcome to the Magnolia Chiropractic Clinic!” The slim man with long, wiry fingers sitting behind the shop’s counter greeted Lucy. “How may I help you?”

“I’ve been having some issues with back pain.” Lucy answered. “One of my friends, Cana, recommended this place, so I decided to come give it a try.”

“Oh, you know Cana? She’s a regular here. In fact, she was here for a treatment just earlier today.” With a professional smile the chiropractor stood up. “Back pain, you said? I think we can do something about that. This way, please.”

He led her to a small, well lit room with a padded table in the center.“Before we start, could you please put those to the side?” The chiropractor pointed to the key ring and whip attached to her belt. “They might get in the way during the treatment.”

Lucy complied, placing the items in the corner of the room. She did feel a little naked being without her keys in front of a stranger, but Cana had recommended him, so it was probably gonna be alright.

Following the chiropractor’s instructions, Lucy laid down on the table, her head facing downwards. As soon as she had settled in, Lucy heard a click coming from the table beneath her, and suddenly felt cold metal clamps lock around her wrists and ankles.“Hey, what’s this about?” Lucy tried to break free, but her restraints didn’t budge.

“Calm down. The shackles are just to keep anyone from accidently getting hurt during the treatment.” The chiropractor, walked in front of her with a wide grin on his face.

Lucy shot an angry glare at him; even without her keys, she knew a few spells to break free, but when she tried, nothing happened, her magic completely failing to work. There had to be magic sealing stone here somewhere, probably in the shackles!

“Let me go! Whatever you’re up to, it’s not gonna work. If Fairy Tail finds out about this they’ll beat you to a pulp!”

“Ah, but I can’t release you just yet. We haven’t even begun working on your back pain.” The chiropractor began walking out of her field of view again. “But don’t worry, this particular solution works wonders. In fact, let me show you a testimony from an actual patient.”


The man’s footsteps fading as he left the room, Lucy continued trying to break free, but to no avail, and shouting for help didn’t seem to produce any response either. Several minutes later, the chiropractor returned to the room, and with a loud thud dropped something onto the floor in front of her.

Lucy gasped in shock as she recognized Cana’s lifeless, half-naked body, her face frozen in an expression of utter terror.“C-Cana? What’s going on?!” Only then she realized Cana’s head had been twisted around to stare out over her back, which, combined with the fact that she lay there unmoving in only her bikini top and panties, as well as the sight of the bruised, distended flesh of her neck, made the fate of Lucy’s friend plainly obvious. Tears of grief welling up, Lucy briefly closed her eyes, before looking away from Cana’s body and glaring at her captor. “You…you fucking murderer! You’re not gonna get away with this!”

The chiropractor simply ignored her threat. “Now that you’ve seen how effective this particular method is, it’s time to get started on your treatment.”

With a surge of dread, Lucy suddenly realized his intentions. “W-wait. P-please don’t do this!” Lucy renewed her struggles against her unyielding restraints as the man walked out of her sight again and a few seconds later, a large weight settled onto her lower back as he climbed onto the table and sat on top of her.

“Somebody help me! Natsu! Erza! Anybody!” Lucy screamed as loud as she could, but to no reaction whatsoever. A thrill of fear ran down her spine as she felt the chiropractor’s hands gripping her head, one on her chin and another on the back of her head. “Please, don’t do this, I’ll do anything! I’m the heiress to the Heartfilia family fortune, I-I’ll give you all of it! I’ll let you fuck me, I’ll be your sex slave! Anything!”

“Are you ready?” The chiropractor whispered. “3…”

“No, please!” Lucy began thrashing around, hardly registering the pain as the shackles scraped against her wrists and ankles.


“Stop! Don’t do this!”



A sharp pain ripped through Lucy’s neck, everything around her seeming to spin for a moment, and when her sight settled again, she was staring up into the grinning face of her killer. But apart from the stinging pain in her neck, Lucy couldn’t feel the rest of her body at all, her arms and legs failing to move as she tried to. Her vision beginning to narrow, Lucy heard a rushing sound in her ears, and as the world went dark, her final thoughts were of the guildmates she would never see again.

The chiropractor watched in satisfaction as Lucy’s eyes rolled up and her body went still save for a few small twitches. Climbing down from the table he opened Lucy’s shackles before unbuckling her miniskirt, revealing a pair of white panties with a growing yellow stain in front. Cutting away her shirt with a pair of bandage scissors, he exposed a matching white bra, briefly pausing to grope one of her massive breasts. “And you wonder why you have back pain.” The chiropractor chuckled as he moved to Lucy’s feet and removed her boots and socks.

Lifting Lucy’s corpse off the table to set it down gently next to Cana’s, the chiropractor took a moment to admire the two dead girls lying side by side, dressed only in their piss-stained underwear, their faces locked in grimaces of fear. Crouching down he softly stroked Lucy’s tear-streaked face before pulling her closer for a kiss. “Oh, I’m sure we’re going to have a good time tonight, ladies.”

The next morning, the naked corpses of Cana Alberona and Lucy Heartfilia were found floating in Magnolia Town’s canal.


I really, really like that countdown. Any more like this?


I mean, I could write another. I am working on an execution style story. Not sure about a countdown though.

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