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Pic unrelated.

The video from what I remember had a girl in a blue mask willingly get beheaded with an axe. Afterwards there were a number of girl beheading each other in kind of a line while a man fucked and snuffed a girl in a red mask. The animation did have some voice acting and music (Oddly, the instrumental to Cars by Gary Numan). This was on Motherless but the file name was a gibberish string of numbers and letters. Anyone know the video I'm talking about?



Amazing, thank you!

I know this artist has done other work, is there some place to find their stuff? What do they go by online?


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they did post on Unfortunately they disappeared 10 years ago, that video is by far their best work.
This is all their threads:

You can find a few more videos on my MEGA, in Animations>3D Animations>Reaper4u


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