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So a fellow anon on gurochan has posted a mega link of his guro stuff on here and i found a few animations on there but i have never seen any of them. Some of them are fucking high qaulity ! On par with sfm anons stuff !!!

You can see the animation exmaples in the preview image i posted, maybe you recognize them .

Please help me find who made these animations so i could get maybe sound versions of these !


A resident guro artist by the name of EVMC. Has a thread in /3dcg/ but hasn't been active in a while

The links to his works are mostly dead though… if you have these animations yourself, please upload them to some cloud and share.


Ah, nevermind - you already posted your archive.

Was that anon you mentioned by any chance…. me ? I've lost my collection a while ago and I've been looking left and right for some rare 3d renders from an artist Gonzohorror that has taken them down from his deviantArt.

If by any chance that archive is mine (it was separated into 3 archives as far as I remember: movie clips, images and animations) then please send me a mail at


File: 1546210303495.png (18.23 KB, 494x494, Gurochan.png)

Those animations i have gotten by somebody in /p2p/ here on Gurochan.

Here is a Mega link to the animations folder:!jWRx0abQ!dM3BI8vkZ65Sxn798u3fWQ!mXByUaYL


that's my archive, to be fair it only includes the (no scat) works that I could download from working links in this thread >>4031, so some animations are still missing, like this one >>23129


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