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I'm looking for a story that started out with a long vaguely scientific explanation of why everyone in the world was more or less ok with sexual snuff. I think the guy said it was a virus or something that made everyone want to die, but only a small percent of the population had the self-control (for the most part) to live out a normal day to day life.

The main characters were in high school I think, and they were visiting a snuff carnival or fair of some kind. There was a game they watched at the end of the story where a blindfolded man chased after 4 women in an arena while they fought to strip each other naked. The first women stripped or capture by the man was fucked in a guillotine in front of the audence.

I remember the author also saying that he probably wasn't going to make a part 2, but wanted to know what everyone thought. Everyone really wanted a part 2 though because part 1 was so good.

Does anyone have a copy of that story?


Oh! I know which one you're talking about. It's "Happy Endings" by LTT and can be found on Hentai Foundry!

I have no idea if the formatting will work right but here's hoping:



THANK YOU!!!! How di you find it?!

I am in your debt.



Hentai-Foundry still allows guro and I accidentally found it again a few months back. :D Glad I could help; it's a fantastic story.

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