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A user recently posted two stories over at Dolcett Girls

Vivisection Begins at Home

Cordy Loses Her Head

I’m after the ones involving under 18 subjects. Those being:

Real Cheese

A girl makes cheese at home. Of course, a girl can only make one batch of Real Cheese.

School Lunch

Two girls are selected as meat for their classmates in the cafeteria. Along the way, they meet other meat, prepping for other fates, including...

Vivisection Class

Everyone knew that one of the girls in the class would end up as the one to get vivisected. And, today is the day.


Vivisection Class: /lit/res/15044.html



I posted the ones from Dolcett Girls across as well. I don't have the others though.


Thank you.

If anyone has Real Cheese or School Lunch, I'd still love to see them posted here.

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