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Does anyone have anything with famous video game girls getting circumcised? Samus, Princess Peach, Lara Croft, Zelda, etc?


Or debreasting, too?


There are actually quite a few thread in Gore&Death / Artwork that will label what specific heroine they are drawing/focusing on. There are quite a few of them (too many to list here) so if you go to both and scroll slowly, you'll see a bunch.>:)


Also, Gurobooru with tag


(Has some nice, immediate ones)>:)


There really aren't that many in G&D. I also haven't seen much in the ways of genital mutilation for famous video game girls like Samus or Zelda. There's only actually two pieces of artwork where Lara Croft loses her tits.


I'd like to see some Star Wars characters getting their multicolor clitorises cut.


Their there, but more across the everything spectrum. If you got to all the threads in Gore&Death/Artwork, you will find them >:) The Wonder Woman Thread alone has some Suicide Squad Girls>:)

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