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this is kind of a long shot but I used to be a part of a Guro group on Facebook before it got removed, and somebody showed teaser pages of a (I'm assuming American made) graphic novel that apparently was very controversial for its Graphic content with violence (duh) and supposedly some Nazi symbolism shit. I'm obviously not in for it for the Nazi bullshit bc fuck that noise, but apparently it was so controversial the writer actually served jail time for it. ( I'm guessing it was written in the late 80s or 90s so that's saying some shit.) I cannot find a single source of information about it and it's driving me fucking crazy.
does anybody by some miracle know what the fuck this is? Feeling like I'm in shitty /x/ story trying to find this shit and it's like it never existed.



Unless you have more to go on, I don't have any idea what that might be. The thing is that there are very few *drawn* things that can actually result in *jail time* in the USA. The closest thing I can think of is the case of Michael Diana, who did a crude zine/comic called Boiled Angel, and he was convicted on obscenity charges. Even then I don't think he did any actual jail time, he just had a lot of things like mandatory counseling and travel/child-contact restrictions imposed on him. I can't imagine what might be so vile that it overwhelms the whole free speech thing in the US and get someone in jail, unless it sparked an investigation that led to some other, non-comic related charge.

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