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There's been a decent thread in the freak show section but being no "gore" puts a damper on that. Any one have girls in magic/illusion acts (preferably failed ones) to share here, gory or not.


Gurobooru will give you a whole selection.>:)

Go there and type in the tags (magic, magic_trick, illusion, etc) and it will pop right up:)


Thanks but I looked on there and very few images come up (about 4 under "magic" and that's all. I've seen some pop up on here in the past and was hoping to see a good thread of them all.


Make a Thread with Some Images in Gore/Death with some example images (the ones you found). That Should Workcause others might even make some for you >:)


I'll try when I'm on my home computer, hopefully this expired certificate by then so it will see some traffic.

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