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I hope that this thread will catch the attention of at least one local artist or editor.

What i am looking for is something like the picture,full form-fitting encasement in a metal suit.(blood is optional,just like limbs).
It does not matter what characters are used for this,as i would love to see them all.They may be of any gender,any age,any type(human/furry/feral).
And of course,you can give them a purpose (or not) even in this state.Will you turn them into a decoration?A urinal?Perhaps a love doll(if the suit allovs it)?It's up to you.

The only condition that i would like to put in here is that their suit should be visibly permanent (locks,welding,break-off screws,etc.,the method doesn't matter).

P.S.-For those that are not artistically talented,feel free to share your ideal character and scenario for this.

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