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File: 1530508207701.png (716.28 KB, 607x1301, C983B4BE-1450-4E91-A1A4-25….png)


Request for an edit of this with Ridley’s head plz.


How to spell correctly
whose name is whose head you want to see?


Ridley from Metroid.


The dragon?


Yup, basically requesting an edit of this pic with Ridley’s head.


File: 1531233789879.png (342.29 KB, 658x1258, ReGch.png)

The creature you wanted to see has a very long neck. I did not know what kind of neck you want in the end, more like a person or more like a creature. It turned out as it turned out. Maybe someone else can do otherwise.


Thanks very much! I would love to see this one in color too.


File: 1531323767667.png (326.81 KB, 630x1268, Color.png)

The head of this creature in the original is very different in color from the body that you provided. Therefore, color reduction is difficult. I have tried. It turned out as it turned out. Perhaps someone will do otherwise.


File: 1531324052582.jpg (464.29 KB, 1280x720, Color in scene.jpg)



Thanks very much!

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