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Greetings from /x/. We have been looking for a strange anime in which nine girls are stuck in a "bathroom" without doors and end up killing themselves. The only lead that we have is that it's title is something along the line of "saki Sanobashi" or "go for a punch". I'm sure this has been asked a few times but I would really appreciate some help. If anyone can help us solve this mystery it would be greatly appreciated

>Pic related it's the original description


Went through the archives for 2 hours, If nobody has found it in 4 years, it probably never existed. Plus all the google results are either from creepypasta websites, 4plebs or reddit. No one else is talking about it.
And if it exists, why would an anime be only on the deep web? It's not that graphic nor illegal.
It's sad but it's probaly a hoax


This is the holy grail of guro if it is real.

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