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Does anyone have any snuff mods for any games? Skyrim preferred but anything will do


Try playing Hitman Absolution with the invisibility and/or unlimited health/ammo trainer. There's plenty of bimbos to be slaughtered in the Strip Club level, and there's also those latex wearing assassin nuns if you're into that sort of thing ;)

There's a Skyrim mod named Namira's Goat on loverslab that allows you to slice off women's parts from their bodies and cook them. There's also a mod that introduces some sort of snuff club, but I forgot the name. If you have the time to go around loverslab, you'll find plenty of gems. Fallout 4 has a strip enemies with attacks mod, that works great with the latest CBBE dismemberable body and the Live Dismemberment mod that allows you to blast off legs and arms without killing the NPC.


Thanks so much! I've tried loverslab and it seems like I have to download a few things before I can get the mods I want. I've tried a few mods already but my problem is there are some npcs in skyrim that I can't kill, anyone know a mod that can change that?



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VioLens is a good mod to have - combat killmoves.
Reanimate spell and corpse collector - lots of fun with dead bodies.
Deadly Mutilation
Manoose - hanging and impalation
Namira's decorations
Namira's Skyrim
Namira's goat
Puppetmaster - hypnosis
Sexlab Necro
Sleeping Necro - sleep assault
Zaz animation pack
Any Funnybizniss animations - the best out there.

Of course, some good lingerie, heels and other stuff.
Look around for face beautification mods like Babes of Skyrim.


You're a god m8! Many thanks


So I downloaded the Manoose mod but whenever I use it the npc I use it on disappears. Not only that, whenever I try to use it on my self, I'm teleported somewhere completely different from where I was standing, then thrown up into the sky, then fall back down with no damage, then 2 seconds later die. Am I doing something wrong?


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Do you have the latest Sexlab, Fnis, SkyUi, UiExtensions and (important) SL Animation Loader? Did you run FNIS for users to enable the anims properly?
If so, then go into the mods menu in Skyrim, make sure you deselect 'restrict aggressive animations' in Sexlab/Animations.
Then go into SL Animation Loader and enable the Manoose animations.


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Looking at the menu, you'll note why I like Funny's stuff so much


...and don't forget the 'register animations' button when you're done...


Btw, Funnybiz also posts here in the 3d cgi. Has his own thread. Have a look at his posts ☺☺☺


I wish something similar will be done for Sims 3!


Is there something that makes npcs in skyrim make sex by themselves, to have a boyeur scene before you attack them? An relations like incest and so on?

 No.10522'll need a pregnancy mod for that. I think there's one on LoversLabs. Then you could do your kids when they grow a little.
As for random sex,there are spells included in the mods (one has an area effect I think).
Best would be to register on LL and have a good look inside ☺


While you're at it, have a look at the Allthefallen website ☺☺☺


Now I got the animation working, but the problem now's that the body doesn't load and all you see hanging is the head and limbs. Not only that, I also installed a player gets necro'd mod, and whenever I die by hanging, the game crashes


The missing body mesh might be fixed by installing/reinstalling a body replacer like UNP or CBBE.
With the game crashing when you die....can't help with that, sorry. You might want to ask the author of the mod on LoversLabs.



that's a good advice there m8 ;) ty! btw iw as wondering if some animations made for skyrim can be imported to sims 3(since it was mentioned), seeing that they are made with the same program....


I believe Funnybizness was working on something tho I might be mistaken. However, posting on the LL forums might give you a few good pointers ☺☺☺


Are there any good ones for playing the victim?

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