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Looking for the victims pov of snuff. Would be interested in commissioning for a video.


omg i would love to see this too :)


Lots of good pics for that if you want them posted here, but I'm afraid I've never seen a good video of it.

Ghost in the Shell has an episode where it's implied girls are skinned alive while it's recorded out of their own eyes, but sadly there's no actual depiction of it. It would be too horrific for normal television I guess.


I've been looking for this for ages too, it's so hard to find


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I'd love this.
Male attacker
Female Victim
As long as the victim is alive you get to see it from Victims POV.
When she is dead you see the Male Attackers POV, fucking her in all sorts of positions.

Meaning while she is alive she gets fucked, stabbed, punched and you see this all in POV.

When she is dead the attacker still does things to her body and fucks her and this time we see it from the males POV, with beautiful POV shots from his perspective cumming on her body and such.



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