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Anyone have some cut in half video, with sex or not, animation, film or even stories.



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in 100 words or less - does that count?



Let the pussy play, I would lick mine hard


Even when you can't feel it anymore?

Would to Roleplay that scenario? I think that could be fun :)


I know a shit ton of them but have to find them. Heres a few:)


Experimental Execution

Aperture Science tests the efficiency of dismembering organic materials with a closing portal.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Sonya Split

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Dungeon Crawl: The Paladin
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Boulder Troll--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

My favorite person: Puzudz >:D!BVYHBSAa!muloQbpbWJoP2AEQBqVkcKreE3PaelpnREIZ_T9KiXM


I know you didnt ask for them, but pictures:

On Gurobooru type in and search tags:

There is one last animation that has this girl who is split in half has her uterus removed by a monster. Forgot the artist...... Strong chance its in last link though.

Hope this helps:)




More..... You guys or lady are making me so fucking wet.....
I really want it done.... Show me one that she eats her pussy like I would


I want to know how it feels to finger my pussy and feel nothing and of cause see it, have a good look, taste it, and know the pleasure of my tits without the need to fuck my pussy



I think I might be able to arrange something. Keep an eye out on the "Literature" section ;)


Here the last link: >:D

Took me long as hell, sorry for that>:)


I might be able to write up something as well, this kind of idea sounds fun. But it'd be grand if you could supply at least a few more details. Just answer here with any specifics you'd like the story to feature, or message me on discord: Eterya#2731. (I find the latter a bit more practical, plus it wouldn't clutter up the thread as much)


Well, I would like it to be with me and one boy and girl that a paid to cut me in half and make sure I live long enough to experiment with my body, sex self tasting playing with the other boy and girl, I would like to have sex before remember the pleasure then while one of them is fingering me or licking me, then they cut me in half and then the fun begins. We will take turns playing with my pussy while I lick and suck one of them a woman tells me the pleasure she's having fingering herself while I'm talking to her rubbing my tits


I can work with that. I'll just come up with some vaguely scientific explanation to make you last longer, but you'll still only have a couple of minutes after being cut in half. (Unless you wanted a variant that actually has both of your halves connected to some kind of machines to keep you alive for longer, and you'd only die after that machine is turned off)

But I need a few more things: For one, what perspective should I write from? 1st-person ("I"), 2nd-person ("You"), or 3rd-person ("he/she")? But I take it, from the PoV of the victim, that is, you, either way, right?
Also care to describe yourself (or more specifically, the character representing you in the story) just a bit? At least a little bit of 'your' looks, what name/age your character is supposed to have, something like that.
Similarly, are the other two partners supposed to have any particular physical or personality traits, or should I just come up with something standard?



My point of view, yeah machine why not surprise me


I'll go with 2nd person, then, that seems the most fitting. Any specific bits of detail 'you'/your character should have, or shall I just come up with all the minutiae I need?


Surprise me am waiting I fill empty

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