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File: 1526806151485.jpg (1.15 MB, 1475x1042, 1526398784722.jpg)



Jesus Christ, please, artist or source, I want it so much!
Thanks for posting, man.


Oh wow! That's fucking amazing! If anyone can find this I'd appreciate it as well. What a great pic.


Holly shit!!
please, some one has to know


I tried to do a reverse image search and the only result I got was this thread here on gurochan. What the fuck? Where did this come from?


This was posted a few weeks ago in crime scenes on /g/. There has to be someone that knows the source.


Found this, but this isn't helping:


Kinda sad that Mugi's severed tits are out of frame, we have only her legs and eyeballs.


It couldn’t be Gamera... could it?


I don't speak ching chong though. Is that a local artist that only posts to those anon boards?


I could swear that I've seen the smaller pictures somewhere.
May they be from another set entirely?


Hopeful bump


Hopeful bump


Looking too. Bump.


Bump, been looking for ages but no idea where it came from. Looks like an artist name's been blocked out in the bottom right. Only lead seems to be that some guy called Paolio uploaded it to Paheal little under a month ago. Need to contact him somehow and find out how he got it.


I remembered seeing it on Pixiv, but I'm looking back to find it and had no idea where I've seen it, maybe that was just a reupload by someone else, not the artist.


Paolio here, got it from this very thread.


I guess we'll never find out.


Trying a final bump.
Maybe next year.


I bump to this on Pixiv a year ago or so. But the artist seems have gone off the radar now. Sorry...


there are 6 left legs and 4 right legs… can't unseen


Bump!!! So bump!!!


What a shame to see this piece of art lost in time.
I guess we'll never know if it had any related pictures, or what other things the author did.

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