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Allright this is 1 in a million because the thread wasn't popular and the author got chased off due to some douschebag poster who rather then pass by a thread he didn't like, had to stay and tell everyone how shitty he thought the artist's art was. What a prick.

Anyways, before abandoning the thread, the author drew a series of guro comics in a sketchy and rushed manner but you could still tell it was a professional behind it by the way the scenes were framed and angled and how with just a few pencil strokes would make quite realistic looking faces or be able to vividly depict the forces of chaos and their daemon machines.

Anyways I had requested something to do with 40k and the dude ends up drawing a complete series of sisters of battle in some last stand vs slaneeshi forces, i remember in particular 2 sisters being grabbed by a soul grinder and feeding them to a pit full of tentacles and teeth, with one of the sisters desperately hanging on with her hand to the outside and looking down in horror (also her guts were spilling out, i think she was ripped in two and it was just her upper torso).

This had been my most treasured save from previous iterations of gurochan, but i still managed to lose it anyways :/ Hopefully some lurker from the time shared my tastes and saved the comic and will reshare it, lest that awesome gurochan original gets lost forever, plus 40k guro art isn't as common as it should be.

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