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Sep 17 01:18 robot murdering women and lolis Anonymous
Sep 16 17:02 sir ender
Sep 15 22:39 Op Mega Links Tob
Sep 15 14:35 Artist FFF士兵 Anonymous
Sep 15 04:22 Source? Science3
Sep 15 02:26 Source for this doujin Anonymous
Sep 14 18:40 Anonymous
Sep 12 04:17 kill this character Anonymous
Sep 12 01:04 Translation of Comic Request Anonymous
Sep 11 10:18 Freckled Girls
Sep 11 06:54 Contact artist kisirian Anonymous
Sep 11 04:32 Looking for a Comic FedToTheBeast
Sep 11 03:18 Old Gundam Wing Snuff Comic Anonymous
Sep 10 17:17 Trying to find specific amputee art Anonymous
Sep 10 02:56 Mumu Factory Game Anonymous
Sep 10 01:09 Crucifixion+Hanging Anonymous
Sep 09 12:45 Patreonpurge "fanart" Anonymous
Sep 08 23:18 Requesting an artist to take up a commission Winter
Sep 08 23:13 Heaven
Sep 08 20:07 Nailorif works Anonymous
Sep 08 18:09 Search command Anonymous
Sep 08 17:02 want more photos and videos of girl cut in half Stalin L
Sep 08 10:58 Judy hopps and Nick escape Anonymous
Sep 08 09:58 masterchaos
Sep 08 06:18 Requesting art Anonymous
Sep 08 05:24 40k sister Anonymous
Sep 07 14:11 Need help locating these videos? Anonymous
Sep 07 10:28 Where to find the rest? Cock Monster
Sep 07 03:30 Request for this one. Anonymous
Sep 06 14:15 Source please Anonymous
Sep 06 14:05 Looking for the Hentai Game/Visual Novel Shoujo And The Back Alley by AS109 Guranon556
Sep 06 13:44 Anonymous
Sep 06 08:22 manga title?
Sep 05 17:37 Heart Maid Mansion, anyone have this pls?
Sep 05 17:19 lost my wp -,- Anonymous
Sep 04 19:34 Why nobody likes debreasting except me :(
Sep 02 20:01 belly punch thread Anonymous
Sep 02 07:01 Dolcett pregnant snuff
Sep 02 05:55 Sad sack Anonymous
Sep 01 16:59 Cannibal girl Anonymous
Sep 01 14:58 requesting a hentai title and link someone
Sep 01 00:01 Torture of Boys DarkOne
Aug 31 11:07 scat game plz. watt up
Aug 30 16:40 Love Tech Comic Anonymous
Aug 30 08:29 Killed in lingerie
Aug 28 19:51 Genital Modification Games Anonymous
Aug 28 00:19 immortal decapitation comics/manga lucycut
Aug 26 15:11 Anonymous
Aug 26 07:27 Request with No Pic but Story Anonymous
Aug 25 11:54 Eyes pulled out
Aug 25 06:17 All of his work
Aug 24 22:34 Translation, Source and Similar Pics Glass_Cannon_Comments
Aug 24 18:30 the chekist Anonymous
Aug 24 04:20 Color request Anonymous
Aug 23 20:48 Forbidden feast guro
Aug 23 16:39 Looking for Andava's guro pictures. Anonymous
Aug 23 10:29 Looking for a doujin Anonymous
Aug 22 22:08 Needles pushed deep into nipples? NeedlesInNips
Aug 21 12:50 Requesting edit Anonymous
Aug 20 13:49 Translation Please someone
Aug 20 04:24 Shota Snuff Stories? Chop
Aug 20 02:12 Anonymous
Aug 19 14:34 B
Aug 19 02:30 Imgur source
Aug 18 17:38 Anonymous
Aug 18 08:14 Anonymous
Aug 17 17:40 Slasher Comics
Aug 17 11:14 Cannibals ate my sister Anonymous
Aug 16 21:17 Anonymous
Aug 15 20:47 elongated necrophilia with decaying body Silence
Aug 14 01:14 Can someone post the entire story? Anonymous
Aug 13 20:52 Mad.Aye penectomy-bro
Aug 13 09:41 Source Anonymous
Aug 13 02:22 Gutfucking / Intestine sex Anonymous
Aug 12 19:01 Edit/recolor request
Aug 12 11:50 Noanoa sanjuushi request Anonymous
Aug 11 05:37 Anonymous
Aug 11 05:12 Enenra
Aug 11 05:10 Help finding a website Enenra
Aug 10 16:52 DocBrown from sexyamazons Llocke
Aug 10 00:30 Foster's home for imaginary friends QuasiParticle
Aug 09 16:42 JTR or Jacktheripper artwork AK99
Aug 09 02:29 Anonymous
Aug 08 10:55 JTR or Jacktheripper artwork AK99
Aug 07 16:18 harlequin babies Anonymous
Aug 06 22:52 SOURCE? loppo
Aug 06 15:48 Hrt Md Mnsn
Aug 06 14:40 Trying to find full set Anonymous
Aug 06 08:35 Mazinger Anonymous
Aug 06 02:09 Anonymous
Aug 05 10:17 Looking for torture/pain sounds Anonymous
Aug 04 23:11 Hyper Breasts & Guro Anonymous
Aug 04 08:41 Where can i find this manga Anonymous
Aug 03 15:07 Scat game? Anonymous
Jul 31 17:55 where can I find more?
Jul 30 18:50 Looking for a set
Jul 30 04:23 Source? Anonymous
Jul 30 02:16 Cannot find any shemale debreasting Anonymous
Jul 29 14:52 Looking for a translator Yona
Jul 29 06:33 Looking for a video Anonymous
Jul 28 15:26 source/similar Anonymous
Jul 27 12:48 Anybody has full set? Anonymous
Jul 27 12:41 [DALO KNIGHT] Anonymous
Jul 27 12:41 Who is this artist? Anonymous
Jul 27 09:04 [Chiba Toshirou] Purgatory Anonymous
Jul 26 23:52 source Anonymous
Jul 26 02:15 Looking for this artist or some kind of source, plz help
Jul 25 08:43 Help finding image Anonymous
Jul 25 04:58 Possible discord invite Anonymous
Jul 24 22:46 Source for CGI hanging videos?
Jul 24 21:43 mortal kombat hentai edit Anonymous
Jul 23 13:03 artist or comic name? Anonymous
Jul 22 18:44 Any one ever heard of Jgreat?
Jul 22 18:15 Any more of this? Anonymous
Jul 22 13:41 Crucifixion art request for Nao Tomori character Anonymous
Jul 22 10:38 Immortal EmperorZ
Jul 21 20:56 Any Info? Anonymous
Jul 21 15:09 Maternelle, Film Images
Jul 21 13:36 Khajiit amd Argonian Snuff FriendlyFurry
Jul 21 11:02 Misty snuffs May (Pokémon) Anonymous
Jul 19 18:09 Anonymous
Jul 19 10:46 Anime Source
Jul 16 14:57 Headless edit request
Jul 16 05:37 Edit request Anonymous
Jul 16 03:46 Burukabi uncensored (especially pregnant) d udet
Jul 16 00:07 Castration manga page
Jul 14 07:41 Anonymous
Jul 12 19:12 From where is this from? Anonymous
Jul 12 19:06 any one know the artist please? shsdhfjtr
Jul 12 17:29 Anyone know this artist? Anonymous
Jul 12 17:10 anyone know this game? Anonymous
Jul 11 15:47 Please someone upload those games. I lost them and I can't find them. Fapinate69
Jul 10 04:36 type setting request Anonymous
Jul 08 01:56 まんがサガワさん
Jul 06 17:14 Where is this from? Anonymous
Jul 05 14:40 Anonymous
Jul 04 09:12 Carrying the Dead Tragedy
Jul 03 09:10 looking for guro Anonymous
Jul 03 01:55 Anonymous
Jul 03 01:30 Anonymous
Jun 29 13:30 Magicsteel still around? Anonymous
Jun 27 16:52 Anonymous
Jun 27 13:28 help.. gurolo!
Jun 27 10:07 Nedd help NBGU
Jun 27 06:08 Armless girl with heads sewn in her. Prophet of Perversion
Jun 27 04:27 Little boys in caskets/coffins neobyzantium
Jun 24 21:15 Jissou Fan
Jun 24 16:54 need help Anonymous
Jun 22 06:53 Anonymous
Jun 21 08:12 shower psycho FranziskaJimenez
Jun 20 17:33 Coloring request Anonymous
Jun 19 16:53 loli rape western style artwork
Jun 19 15:18 anyone have any of freemansfm's animations from 2016? Anonymous
Jun 19 10:15 Does anyone have OP's art thread pictures ...
Jun 19 04:50 Asking for someone to hang her
Jun 16 15:07 castration / balls destruction manga
Jun 16 13:58 NAME of the artist guys Anonymous
Jun 16 11:57 Mileena bodyless Anonymous
Jun 15 16:21 Anonymous
Jun 15 13:31 Need help finding an image Don's Kinks
Jun 15 12:21 Kathrine2201 Anonymous
Jun 13 12:19 Looking for sauce/artist Anonymous
Jun 13 03:35 How much is there in the way of machine and predicament torture? The Pervert
Jun 12 19:02 difficult rami
Jun 12 16:45 Putting fire emblem girls over the fire Anonymous
Jun 10 20:41 Anonymous
Jun 09 03:55 Anonymous
Jun 08 21:50 Anonymous
Jun 08 21:46 Anonymous
Jun 08 13:59 Void7
Jun 08 11:53 Sasami
Jun 07 06:54 Looking for the UNCENSORED version of RJ245859 - Ume-chan is Here! Anonymous
Jun 07 04:22 a bit of a long shot Anonymous
Jun 06 16:31 Looking for Art work Anonymous
Jun 04 19:58 Dank_Anon
Jun 02 17:43 cant find image and im going crazy koseki
Jun 02 14:56 Jack In The Box (guro?) 3d Anonymous
Jun 02 05:46 RJ195308 Toilet Battle
Jun 02 05:44 Piccadilly
Jun 02 04:31 Girl in half
Jun 02 02:54 More from artist or have the full doujinshi? Anonymous
Jun 01 15:15 looking for tentacle story Anonymous
Jun 01 06:42 The Flood (halo?) Anonymous
Jun 01 02:09 Draw request Anonymous
May 31 23:18 Find full Help pls
May 31 19:35 Saucee Argum
May 28 19:08 Honey Select Scenes Anonymous
May 27 14:09 Ear Fucking Anonymous
May 26 15:59 Looking for a game source Anonymous
May 26 13:51 Japanese comic Anonymous
May 26 02:52 Persona 4 request Anonymous
May 25 11:04 old artwork? Anonymous
May 24 20:49 Loli Shokushu Ishu Rinkan Dougashuu Anonymous
May 24 17:18 Anonymous
May 23 04:23 Full-sized pic Anonymous
May 22 21:36 Translation Request Anonymous
May 22 15:42 Human Taxidermy into Sexdolls? Stories and other... Araziel
May 21 22:55 Anonymous
May 21 16:23 Looking for source
May 21 12:26 /lit/ request: 12 year old princess stabbed to death Anonymous
May 21 06:34 Templates? Anonymous
May 21 03:03 Anonymous
May 21 02:52 This one here... Some retard.
May 20 15:16 searching pictures and comicses with males beheading male beheading
May 19 09:06 Kamebeya's new game Anonymous
May 19 03:00 Bombs
May 18 19:19 Searching for a Specific Comic Anonymous
May 17 15:15 New Sachisuke Masumura comic translation
May 17 14:39 Looking for full execution sequencss Anonymous
May 16 07:07 Penectomy animations / pictures (only biting off)
May 16 01:04 m/p... is he still active? Anonymous
May 15 07:12 anyone have more pics from this artist? Anonymous
May 12 12:34 Searching for canon requests! SoraNoMiko
May 12 04:43 Kisirian Desert Rose translation (Japanese) BBraker
May 11 18:35 Request headless edit Anonymous
May 11 18:28 Killed by primates Anonymous
May 11 14:50 Can someone upload this? Fazfak119
May 10 20:07 Looking for a 3D comic Anonymous
May 10 16:29 CContrast Artworks
May 09 07:21 Looking for Artist Anonymous
May 09 06:28 looking for any copy of this hhh10086
May 09 06:14 Anonymous
May 08 18:07 Looking for Anime Scat Game from a while back Princess Cake
May 08 15:16 Hermione Guro artist Anon
May 07 20:01 artist? this Teen Titans turned into clay/pottery Anonymous
May 07 00:28 Looking for magical/teleportation bowel filling/shitting stories and art (scat) Anonymous
May 06 23:25 Looking for anime loli guro game! Anonymous
May 06 23:22 Anonymous
May 06 21:47 Wolf's Dungeon Horizon
May 05 06:52 Help me Anonymous
May 05 01:22 in the moment thoughts Anonymous
May 04 19:46 Help me MrLemonz
May 04 03:54 Sauce? Anonymous
May 03 22:14 Anonymous
May 03 08:39 source / artist?
Apr 29 22:25 Shoulder-length hair ForKarin
Apr 29 17:03 Anonymous
Apr 29 14:02 Gory horror stories Killswitch
Apr 29 09:51 Source of this?PLZ Source of this?PLZ
Apr 28 23:10 Kumono
Apr 28 02:57 Edit request Anonymous
Apr 27 02:14 3D gallery: two young gladiator boys Hanneko
Apr 24 01:50 mortal kombat 11 Anonymous
Apr 23 13:57 Source? Anonymous
Apr 23 08:08 Looking for games in this picture Anonymous
Apr 23 07:26 daruma auto-felatio Anonymous
Apr 19 08:17 request please! Anonymous
Apr 18 23:21 Necrosis Guro Req. Mol
Apr 18 20:47 Source
Apr 18 14:00 Gif cut in half Girl in half
Apr 18 13:28 About this one. Anonymous
Apr 18 11:12 Anonymous
Apr 17 22:08 Looking for a Story Anonymous
Apr 17 14:10 Looking to commision Kore WendigoFetus
Apr 17 04:29 Simple request Anonymous
Apr 17 03:10 More From This Artist Anonymous
Apr 16 16:31 Anonymous
Apr 16 04:16 Source? Anonymous
Apr 16 00:59 Blangel Manga? Anonymous
Apr 14 17:09 Looking for a Set Darkace55
Apr 14 13:19 looking for Half life guro Anonymous
Apr 14 04:50 Gas chamber mass execution, holocaust, concentration camp zurg
Apr 13 00:43 anyone have more pics from this artist? Anonymous
Apr 12 18:53 Edit request Anonymous
Apr 11 13:01 Tamer of All 2 Uncut
Apr 11 03:00 Naruto Necrophilia joynecro
Apr 10 22:35 Looking for a 3D beheading video Anonymous
Apr 10 10:44 Anonymous
Apr 10 08:30 Evilnelit
Apr 09 05:10 Anonymous
Apr 08 05:36 Request edit Anonymous
Apr 08 03:51 Amputee writing request
Apr 08 03:48 Headless edit request
Apr 08 03:41 Willing consensual guro
Apr 08 03:35 Girls getting filled with Virus/STD semen
Apr 08 03:31 'Executrix'-style pictures/stories?
Apr 07 02:12 Anonymous
Apr 07 00:12 Story commissions open! Flens Verpa
Apr 06 15:55 artist source Anonymous
Apr 05 22:44 Does anyone have a full save for this game? Anonymous
Apr 05 16:09 Anon
Apr 05 13:13 hope jensen guro hope
Apr 04 19:55 Looking for the full version of this MuMu Factory game Anonymous
Apr 03 20:26 Inspiration for story Raxtus24
Apr 03 19:52 Who was this artist of this pic? Biting cannibalism sex themed Anonymous
Apr 03 09:33 sammy
Apr 02 01:43 Kanna model from Blaster Master Zero 2 Anonymous
Apr 01 08:27 Need help guys Anonymous
Mar 29 16:14 Someone knows what happened to Harry Ominous anonymous
Mar 29 05:06 What comic is this from Anonon
Mar 28 04:04 Scott Pilgrim Girls guro Vice Dark Lord
Mar 27 23:32 Sources for loli/shota? Ellen
Mar 26 09:57 Need to know the manga Anonymous
Mar 26 09:55 Need to know the manga Anonymous
Mar 26 06:45 No Head Business Woman
Mar 25 23:33 Need to know who's the artist Anonymous
Mar 24 17:35 Trying to find complete set Anonymous
Mar 24 06:01 Lara Croft pic req Anonymous
Mar 23 22:23 artist's name Anonymous
Mar 23 15:54 Anyone has the piss scenes of Vitamin Quest? Anonymous
Mar 22 10:34 Help me find this comic? Salome
Mar 22 04:47 mix 威猛先生
Mar 21 11:18 Draper
Mar 17 12:07 source
Mar 15 19:34 Anonymous
Mar 15 15:51 Broken in half Pablo
Mar 13 05:03 I want to pay for custom work! Anon
Mar 12 23:44 Anonymous
Mar 11 21:34 WoW guro story?
Mar 11 12:47 Lolisnuffnec
Mar 09 19:46 source pls
Mar 09 16:06 Mr. Man
Mar 08 16:54 Anyone have this video? Anon
Mar 08 06:34 Touhou stuff? Anonymous
Mar 05 18:27 Canibal Artist name?
Mar 05 16:30 Anonymous
Mar 04 01:52 classic mamabliss Anonymous
Mar 03 12:01 Anonymous
Mar 03 00:34 Does more stuff by this artist exist? protonstar
Mar 02 22:34 Kitano Streamline Anonymous
Mar 01 21:36 Source of this?
Mar 01 16:54 Barbarian babes tournament
Mar 01 11:44 I'm finding and image Shizuku
Feb 28 10:35 HD version of this video, and/or more by the same artist protonstar
Feb 28 00:28 Source of this?PLZ
Feb 26 01:56 Game on rapidgator premium Onix
Feb 25 04:38 Sauce Request Anonymous
Feb 23 05:17 Anonymous
Feb 23 05:12 Source of this?
Feb 22 23:26 Requesting cooked breasts edits Anonymous
Feb 22 10:15 Source of this?
Feb 22 05:41 S or S-Elis pics Anonymous
Feb 20 23:51 Name
Feb 20 20:35 Anonymous
Feb 20 18:54 Rigor-Mortis Anonymous
Feb 19 22:22 Source of this video? protonstar
Feb 18 18:43 Anonymous
Feb 18 11:17 Anonymous
Feb 17 13:58 Manga Source pls Dranken Saylor
Feb 14 03:13 xcom 2 Anonymous
Feb 13 08:59 Anonymous
Feb 13 08:18 Help me find scat games,, moment
Feb 13 04:48 Scat game request Anonymous
Feb 12 22:28 Anonymous
Feb 12 20:30 School Girl Courage Test: The Other School Inspection Anonymous
Feb 12 05:49 Source of a pic Anonymous
Feb 11 22:36 Anonymous
Feb 11 18:44 Cum Explosions
Feb 11 13:17 VNs/games with predicament bondage Anonymous
Feb 11 06:23 Translation Request Anonymous
Feb 10 19:25 RuneSmith, Hairless goat Inn? Ellen
Feb 10 18:02 Anonymous
Feb 08 23:30 Source of pic Anonymous
Feb 08 18:28 Looking for years Anonymous
Feb 08 01:52 Anyone knows the source of this video? protonstar
Feb 08 01:42 Femshep asphyxia Anonymous
Feb 07 15:48 Any Stran-Things art? Anonymous
Feb 05 19:07 Looking for The Rogue Ripper works Anonymous
Feb 04 04:01 Anyone have the rest of this set by vvindowsme Anonymous
Feb 03 12:16 Backup of fantastic female POV videos? BLH
Feb 01 16:45 looking for author
Feb 01 04:54 MumuFactory games Anonymous
Jan 30 21:51 Lucy’s final Adjustment Anonymous
Jan 29 22:34 REd
Jan 29 17:51 Azasuke (UNCENSORED) Stuff? Revy
Jan 27 14:39 Commission
Jan 26 15:51 Guro VR Headless_Boy
Jan 26 12:09 Dolcett's works Anonymous
Jan 24 04:06 Who is this artist? Anonymous
Jan 23 17:54 Zelda
Jan 21 21:07 chop chop Anonymous
Jan 21 17:56 kuso games Anonymous
Jan 20 08:18 Scat game Anonymous
Jan 18 04:03 Requesting the source and artist of those couple pics protonstar
Jan 14 19:22 Looking for an otoko no ko pic Anonymous
Jan 11 19:52 Looking for a doujin Anonymous
Jan 11 02:40 Source of the pic Anonymous
Jan 10 21:37 Source of pic 47
Jan 10 21:09 Anonymous
Jan 09 23:20 Source of this? Anonymous
Jan 09 01:38 Saki Sanobashi
Jan 08 13:43 Elastration castration or penis guillotine? Anonymous
Jan 07 20:39 anonymouse
Jan 05 11:04 Victim pov snuff
Jan 03 22:50 Snuff mods
Jan 02 03:29 Source anyone? Anonymous
Jan 02 01:41 Can anyone share this scat game or help me find it please? Anon-Chan
Jan 01 07:47 Herro's Kinky art pack Anonymous
Dec 31 13:57 Please i need to know where these animations are from/who made them! Guranon
Dec 30 20:39 N Dofline Complete Gallery or Collection CalcSpree
Dec 30 18:47 "Dirty" versions of PaintUm's work Owl
Dec 30 15:17 Old story from a previous gurochan CalcSpree
Dec 30 14:22 Anonymous
Dec 30 10:15 anime manips by Tomomaru Anonymous
Dec 30 04:28 mortal kombat x mod alex
Dec 29 23:42 Artist of this? Anonymous
Dec 29 13:51 Hhex
Dec 29 07:25 Looking for guro comic
Dec 29 07:10 Please source this
Dec 28 19:50 Make em dickless Anonymous
Dec 28 15:46 Haisetsu Shoujo 12 scanlation Anonymous
Dec 28 15:45 Anonymous
Dec 27 17:10 Anonymous
Dec 26 23:40 Artist of this? Anonymous
Dec 26 01:40 Best penectomy stories?
Dec 25 20:15 Anonymous
Dec 25 14:38 Truefeather's wonder woman series Anonymous
Dec 23 12:40 Source
Dec 22 17:47 Anonymous
Dec 19 13:01 Gory horror stories Killswitch
Dec 17 05:06 Full comic request Anonymous
Dec 16 21:49 Full book
Dec 16 10:47 headless decap source? Dranken_Saylor
Dec 16 01:23 Source of Ramu?
Dec 16 00:33 Up close beheading and headless neck
Dec 16 00:22 Anyone know the artist of these and if there's more of them?
Dec 16 00:00 source
Dec 15 23:59 b&w pic of guro wedding with dickgirl, meat grinder and severed head fucks
Dec 15 23:53 No Tifa?
Dec 15 17:02 Video Guro
Dec 13 10:16 Messy versions of PaintUm's art Owl
Dec 13 10:12 "Messy" versions of PaintUm's art Owl
Dec 13 08:38 Help Request... NicknameHere
Dec 12 10:33 Emma Frost Anonymous
Dec 07 09:28 Safe Download Link? Anonymous
Dec 03 22:06 Severed hands
Oct 28 01:29 Modeling Request BondageGames
Oct 24 01:00 Danilo/TheInsaneDarkOne Uncensored?
Oct 20 02:17 Looking for Misstress
Oct 17 11:25 Girls Severed Feet Footloose
Oct 16 00:07 Danielle bregoli
Oct 11 15:44 Guro
Oct 07 05:12 Necro art
Oct 06 02:04 King's Raid Guro?
Oct 01 01:34 nude filter
Sep 30 04:07 source of this pic neobyzantium
Sep 29 18:42 Anyone know the source of this manga
Sep 29 06:14 The Vivisectionist stories
Sep 29 00:21 Scarred visual novel (loli/amputee)
Sep 28 23:09 Naruto necrophilia stories?
Sep 28 23:06 Source / Name of the Manga
Sep 28 18:47 Headless edit request
Sep 28 08:03 Giggles from Happy Tree Friends
Sep 26 02:40 Not really guro? trans annoy
Sep 22 22:24 Clash Royal
Sep 22 09:04 Episode link help
Sep 21 22:09 Making a New Site Dedicated to Movie Guro Cenobite
Sep 20 21:01 Girls hanged in claw game
Sep 20 20:35 Games with Chastity? is that exist?
Sep 20 17:58 Mom Son?
Sep 20 08:26 Ayaswan's new work
Sep 19 15:05 Source?
Sep 19 14:32 Pissing with mom!
Sep 19 07:05 Asian Arrow Execution
Sep 18 02:23 identity of dead woman neobyzantium
Sep 16 15:24 I enjoyed your daughter, Thanks!
Sep 15 17:31 Headless Guys or Girls Story NBM Fan
Sep 14 05:27 Automatic Butchery - Artist Info T-Baggins
Sep 14 03:19 Anyone have Super Sonico Guro...
Sep 14 03:19 Looking for gun pointed at tits
Sep 14 03:18 Surgical Breast Swap??
Sep 14 03:18 Source Please
Sep 14 03:18 Where can I find this manga? 47
Sep 14 03:16 Non-con fart / poop stories
Sep 13 21:54 Vocaloid guro
Sep 13 12:49 Cut me im half Girl cut in half
Sep 07 05:42 Muscle Girl death
Sep 06 04:50 Lost Literature Request
Sep 05 02:11 Name of this?
Sep 04 22:38 Game of Thrones
Sep 04 11:34 Make these stories
Sep 03 06:07 Who is this artist???
Sep 02 20:11 Trying to find a picture featuring a bisected woman
Sep 02 12:53 Metal T Shirt print! Need help finding it again Vern
Aug 31 00:46 Artist request
Aug 29 21:58 Hermoine Granger/ Emma Watson nude porn gore or everything
Aug 29 04:41 Girs tied up
Aug 25 08:29 Pics and stories of tit...
Aug 25 08:26 name of the manga
Aug 25 08:22 Stomach Noises Anonymous
Aug 16 16:51 Yayo from Puchimas
Aug 16 06:52 Involuntary Gender Reassignment
Aug 15 22:17 Rey from Star Wars
Aug 15 14:26 Witch / furry / Fairy pooping
Aug 15 06:55 Snuff RP, anyone? Asphyxionado
Aug 12 14:59 Dehydration
Aug 12 04:39 Looking for Doujjn Kreiger
Aug 11 13:15 Quoom
Aug 11 03:10 3D artist that was on pixiv
Aug 11 02:19 MNF Club Female Costumes
Aug 10 08:43 Circumcision/FGM/Cliteridectomy of famous heroines?
Aug 07 02:25 Anyone know the source of this? Modular Girl
Aug 06 03:01 english guro Marimo
Aug 05 16:45 Do you guys know where is this from ?
Aug 05 00:22 source plz
Aug 04 23:14 anime/manga dead kids in morgue or crime scenes neobyzantium
Aug 04 20:59 Looking for a kisekae imageset (old gurochan)
Aug 04 07:04 Cut in half Girl in half
Aug 03 08:54 Looking for MA's work
Aug 03 05:16 Source please Kurt
Aug 01 06:36 Fear, humiliation, anguish, despair, regret.
Jul 31 15:43 Juan Gotoh snuff?
Jul 31 10:00 Any juice for this?
Jul 30 17:25 Puchim@s Chihya torn apart
Jul 30 13:34 30 min story like OVA
Jul 28 22:54 Fisting with whole arm Neon Henchman
Jul 28 20:15 Please help find more PRATY
Jul 27 03:04 Mila (DOA) vs Bryan Fury (Tekken)
Jul 27 02:38 Headless Bodies Remote Controls And Played Or Fucked With It
Jul 26 20:25 Stripped and executed in large groups Anonymous
Jul 26 19:03 Looking for Graphic Novel that got Writer shit
Jul 26 02:57 Sources pls!!
Jul 25 23:53 Specific Mortal Kombat Picture
Jul 25 18:29 Request to making a story
Jul 25 15:35 htf guro
Jul 25 15:08 Fairy pooping while flying?
Jul 25 14:27 Anyone have this thing (Season 2)
Jul 25 08:31 Zerns JGP
Jul 24 09:36 looking for a gurocomic artist for a comission
Jul 24 09:35 looking for a gurocomic artist for a comission
Jul 24 05:16 Scott Pilgrim Girls guro Vice Dark Lord
Jul 23 22:14 Guro / necro chat
Jul 23 01:47 Shirt source?
Jul 22 09:09 Butchered woman live action gif source
Jul 22 07:24 Anime girl having stomachache ?
Jul 21 16:36 pssswords about「 」's new works
Jul 20 23:28 Piss Drinking / Shit Eating Hentai titles
Jul 20 16:42 Guns and pussies. Pussy Shooter/ Slit Slicer
Jul 20 11:59 Arrowed Amazons Source?
Jul 19 00:33 what is the source
Jul 18 01:41 Kanna Kamui gore request
Jul 17 20:09 Magic trick/ Illusion themed guro.
Jul 14 15:16 Can someone fix the site? Slaver2be
Jul 14 13:46 Pressure Points
Jul 12 02:32 Edit request
Jul 11 19:36 carving children
Jul 11 06:10 Brutal Rape
Jul 06 21:56 Encasement picture request
Jul 04 05:51 Rainbow Six guro?
Jul 02 23:05 Has anyone seen guro with them?
Jul 02 13:23 Edit request.
Jul 01 16:53 Feather Wonder Woman
Jul 01 14:36 More on decapitated nude loli public humiliated Veltix
Jun 30 13:34 Artist of these?
Jun 29 22:34 Male heart kills
Jun 27 07:27 Looking for compliation of all possible deaths in this game
Jun 26 09:17 list of games lakilala
Jun 25 23:50 Forgot the manga
Jun 22 11:02 Finding the author
Jun 22 01:24 English translations plz
Jun 21 08:12 More guro games?
Jun 20 01:06 Eevee
Jun 19 11:39 Movie guro
Jun 19 00:26 Runaway cow looking for slaughterhouse
Jun 18 13:01 Finding the Source
Jun 14 17:22 Ningen Kuzu no Kai
Jun 13 06:56 ¿Guro PMVs? Danielle LeFay
Jun 12 10:26 weight gain comics
Jun 12 04:30 Eye rolling
Jun 11 20:07 need translation
Jun 11 00:20 Drawing Request redchan
Jun 10 14:28 game file
Jun 10 02:27 Sauce plz
Jun 10 00:13 Source plz Source plz
Jun 08 19:52 Higher res version of this 3d comic about a girl being flayed entirely
Jun 08 05:28 Source Request!
Jun 07 21:17 Chambeadoras translated?
Jun 07 19:38 Someone to complete the Nanoha Fate comic that 774/Nanashi started
Jun 07 18:21 Puchimas gore draw request
Jun 07 18:15 Marvel Guro
Jun 07 17:11 リリス's works
Jun 05 06:50 Kraze's Headless Pics Request Dranken_Saylor
Jun 04 22:31 How to say "penectomy" in japanese? POGO
Jun 04 06:52 White/Gray Colored Pupiless Eyed Zombies Dranken_Saylor
Jun 02 16:54 Looking for someone to make a Waifu Wars of a diffrent media Vice Dark Lord
Jun 02 05:21 anyone know this artist?
Jun 01 17:22 "Found" amputee and abduction story by Pung, was on GC around 2015
Jun 01 08:28 What's This From?
May 31 21:36 looking for Battlefan
May 31 09:39 I cant seem to make a thread? @.@|
May 31 09:25 Source plz Source plz
May 30 08:52 Lum getting beheaded
May 30 06:52 Fem Shepard throat fuck snuff video
May 28 22:05 Waldo
May 28 21:47 Gallows scene-girl with noose rammed into cunt
May 28 20:07 request
May 28 13:55 heh LOL
May 27 21:56 Histories strongest disciple kenichi girls
May 27 16:57 Draw request - Cooking A Puchidol
May 27 15:33 Bleach
May 25 17:59 source please
May 25 00:04 request for alternative endings or detailed endings to storys
May 24 23:42 DOS era, turned based snuff game
May 22 22:01 Who is the artist?
May 20 23:12 Tamamo no mae from Wo3U
May 19 14:01 Looking for source Chessa Pique
May 19 08:10 TV Show
May 19 00:40 Bloodiba Guro Games
May 16 04:58 Coloring request
May 15 12:58 Looking for scat drawing
May 14 22:42 Source plz
May 14 02:24 Author of these gifs from Mugen and other games?
May 13 13:21 Looking for game name of this pic
May 13 06:20 Kharisma Jati's Mutilasi porn-bro
May 13 04:41 Headless edit of this
May 13 01:24 Cut the cock off
May 13 01:21 Cut the twilight cock off!
May 12 16:53 Animation and Movies Gabe
May 12 16:52 Animation and Movies Gabe
Apr 23 19:06 Need picture
Apr 23 19:06 Need picture
Apr 17 12:54 Skyrim mods bug sidestep
Apr 15 06:43 Searching for old Gurochan Story
Apr 15 06:37 i am a wierdo looking for someone Searchy Boye
Apr 14 16:46 Source/author of disembowelment animation
Apr 14 09:09 Attack on Lois Einhorn's groin draw request
Apr 08 16:37 Hermine Granger 3d or Gore?
Apr 07 11:27 Source or Artist?
Apr 06 15:13 Pussy Welding - Image Source
Apr 05 18:15 Wonder woman guro?
Apr 05 10:21 dirty pair ryona
Apr 05 03:23 Source for image?
Apr 04 17:16 Anything with.. Help!
Apr 04 01:44 zombie necro stories
Apr 03 06:59 Source?
Apr 02 13:25 Been trying to find the rest of this for ages
Apr 02 02:57 In search of a specific manga
Apr 02 02:25 Marx-Approved
Apr 02 02:22 blonde chicken vore
Apr 01 14:12 Undertale guro Anonymous
Apr 01 14:01 Source please Source please
Mar 31 23:52 Akame ga kill girls
Mar 31 03:50 Yo Gi Oh Girls Vice Dark Lord
Mar 30 18:11 Longshot but did anyone save the 40k sister of battle guro comic from a few years back?
Mar 30 13:36 Just Draw Severed dicks!
Mar 30 04:26 Ashi Death comic Anonymous
Mar 29 14:50 Website
Mar 29 00:58 Story Request
Mar 28 22:27 Furry requests
Mar 28 22:26 "Death by future door" story request
Mar 27 07:51 tied up kids
Mar 26 13:49 Hanging children Yerik
Mar 26 05:44 Recommendations?
Mar 25 22:40 Hero Academia guro
Mar 25 22:11 What artist is this?
Mar 25 15:54 Source?
Mar 25 08:15 Source please
Mar 24 13:13 furry castration
Mar 24 07:29 Hanging little girls
Mar 24 06:10 Looking for people of Both genders that likes boxing RPs as of MvM, FvF, n MvF on Kik Policebrett
Mar 24 03:44 Bakky
Mar 22 19:15 Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Mar 22 10:48 source of this manga
Mar 21 18:49 Brutal Boxing! Boxing Kid
Mar 20 20:38 Source of these?
Mar 20 19:17 forbiddenfeast and studioAD
Mar 20 02:34 studioAD wonder woman
Mar 18 18:01 PS requests (furry)
Mar 17 19:41 Non brutal lolicon execution
Mar 16 03:50 dolcett drawings with males
Mar 16 02:35 A.. particular request (furry, dogina, ws/scat) Waru
Mar 16 02:32 Artist for these?
Mar 15 01:17 Star Wars Guro
Mar 15 01:01 Anyone have the entire set of this image?
Mar 14 22:02 Hermoine Gore
Mar 14 20:43 Black & White, western-style (dolcett ?) pictures of women being crucified
Mar 14 01:38 Looking for Artist to Commission, details below Mike
Mar 13 02:32 Looking for a particilar series
Mar 12 04:34 Sex doll
Mar 11 12:12 does anyone have the danielle bregoli nudes?
Mar 10 06:54 Blangel?
Mar 09 02:49 Add blood to this artwork please
Mar 07 09:04 Zako22 old patron rewards/archives?
Mar 07 04:28 forbidden feast stuff?
Mar 05 16:33 Asphyxiated girls line art
Mar 05 01:15 yall got any gore/scat pics of hata no kokoro?
Mar 04 14:26 hope jensen and eltariel guro
Mar 03 19:57 I need help!!!! Nam
Mar 02 19:42 Story on this? Blau Sturm
Mar 01 20:57 Dolcett Source? Dranken_Saylor
Mar 01 19:51 Animes like Euphoria Wolfie
Feb 28 17:07 sources pls sources pls
Feb 28 05:54 Futa penactomy & FemShep Debreast
Feb 28 03:53 looking for a slave
Feb 28 00:10 Two girls sewn together? Maddy
Feb 27 12:23 Looking for a specific story that I don't remember the name of.
Feb 27 07:53 Bloodiba's Slash and Execution 2
Feb 27 03:11 Draw request - Masturbating with a dagger
Feb 26 18:12 cooking human
Feb 26 08:15 'Voyeurism' guro
Feb 26 04:50 Automatic Butcher T-Baggins
Feb 25 05:32 More like this? NaiveDeviant
Feb 24 21:27 constipation manga
Feb 24 09:30 Looking for Anythinggoes's guro paintings.
Feb 23 20:06 Schoolgirl Vivsection. Can someone translate it?
Feb 23 06:04 Looking for Cowgirls hanging a cowboy
Feb 16 19:56 Black girl destruction
Feb 11 14:44 self-harm
Feb 07 06:09 Hello Nurse
Feb 07 04:51 I'm looking for a pic
Feb 05 19:41 Ms Marvel - Doomsday Akenaten
Feb 05 13:38 loli scat
Feb 04 05:24 Chrissy Chambers?
Feb 04 00:14 Can someone translate these?
Jan 29 23:21 alien girl thing with a cunt in the back of her skull.
Jan 29 17:59 Doujin/Manga like Goumon Kan Roudou Hen
Jan 29 16:12 Picture Yerik
Jan 29 08:52 /r/ guro artwork of this chick
Jan 26 13:18 REX SEDES (レックスセデス)
Jan 26 10:23 Source please
Jan 26 03:47 Arianne is your meat ragdollme
Jan 22 02:36 Requesting another temporary editer for Waifu Wars Vice Dark Lord
Jan 20 16:57 Jayda Fransen
Jan 20 13:35 The Witcher
Jan 19 20:44 penectomy Request 2 DongHorse
Jan 19 11:52 Translation request repec
Jan 18 15:40 Gory end of supergirl - please help! Superdead
Jan 17 23:34 Eye gouged Ahri
Jan 17 15:14 nurse cannibalism
Jan 17 00:47 Loli burning factory
Jan 16 06:58 XCOM Guro?
Jan 16 02:29 Zootopia guro
Jan 15 16:11 Necro2 art
Jan 15 15:41 damaged dicks\impotency
Jan 15 12:09 Any backups of OP's animations?
Jan 15 06:28 video to jeremie perin open love letter
Jan 14 01:47 Looking for an old pixiv image
Jan 13 19:57 Edit request
Jan 13 14:00 Looking for a doujinshi
Jan 12 19:50 Source of these images?
Jan 12 15:52 Looking for the rest of this comic or at least the name
Jan 10 18:20 Natural
Jan 10 18:05 source please neobyzantium
Jan 09 22:14 Source for this pic??? Any more???
Jan 09 16:56 Broken bones request
Jan 09 05:11 Decap gifs or videos?
Jan 08 08:55 source please neobyzantium
Jan 07 21:36 Warhammer 40k guro?
Jan 06 01:11 Bara Guro
Jan 05 18:58 Webelotro hanging pics/comics
Jan 04 12:57 Lara Croft gore
Jan 03 15:16 Just plain old loli
Jan 03 08:49 Shota torture?
Jan 03 04:27 Anyone have the full gif of mamko knife?
Jan 02 23:43 penectomy Request
Jan 02 10:40 sexual mutilation comic
Jan 01 07:29 Anyone got some "fucked to death" porn?
Dec 31 21:34 Earth-chan
Dec 22 19:01 Chinese Anime Request Aurelio
Dec 20 15:16 Female Slayer
Dec 19 14:56 Abraxa's Garden of Sadistic Delights
Dec 18 18:09 Need a temporary editer for Waifu Wars
Dec 18 16:40 Gurochan hanging image dump 2010 to present
Dec 16 02:36 I am looking to commission someone.
Dec 15 21:54 Requesting The Misadventures Of Sara Fielding
Dec 15 19:25 Mike Preston
Dec 14 06:17 Loli vomit with food image and explanation, in japanese
Dec 12 00:19 Any Girls Want To Record a Guro Story for me? Johnyguro
Dec 11 22:47 Unknown Movie belly stab 47
Dec 11 20:14 エニKス/eniksu Art
Dec 11 14:10 LIT Request: Home Vivisection HellHandBasket
Dec 11 02:42 Megumin from Konosuba ryona
Dec 08 20:02 Are there any guro games?
Dec 07 14:15 Source of this manga?
Dec 07 03:22 Source for this?
Dec 06 00:44 Anything around about burned corpses?
Dec 05 00:50 A short comic of Teemo killing Riven(League of Legends)?
Dec 04 21:24 Looking for art of last rider / zako / Rasutoraida
Dec 04 21:22 Madoka guro
Dec 04 21:10 Source of this
Dec 04 17:56 Headless edit for this plz
Dec 04 16:06 Drill Machine
Dec 04 05:00 Psycho Futanari
Dec 03 19:09 Old Lara Croft beheaded pic
Dec 03 03:02 A missing awesome artist Executioner
Dec 03 01:12 source please
Dec 01 21:19 Download for Grimewave Cockface III a great guro comedy!
Nov 30 09:17 Undyne guro
Nov 30 09:00 Color this Gif?
Nov 28 20:12 Guro text eRP Quilly
Nov 27 07:48 Source plz
Nov 26 17:50 Source on this?
Nov 26 16:25 Source for old image?
Nov 25 21:36 Commission artist directory or list?
Nov 23 07:44 Looking for works by this artist.
Nov 23 04:56 Animals crawling into vaginas
Nov 22 17:52 Manga source ?
Nov 22 07:10 Looking for the works of artist Madesabi.
Nov 22 00:42 Clean hole through stomach
Nov 21 18:02 Old tentacle hentai help
Nov 21 11:47 Source please
Nov 21 04:25 Looking for specific Cardcaptor Sakura pic
Nov 20 05:37 Guys with braces
Nov 19 20:42 Hentai with forced watersports / shit eating / piss drinking
Nov 19 11:23 Abs and Burning
Nov 18 18:22 Hinata Death and Gore
Nov 18 14:52 fansadox sickest
Nov 17 20:29 Cerco qualcuno che sappia bene l'inglese e litaliano Badtransletor
Nov 17 01:26 Any idea where is this from?
Nov 16 03:08 Funding underground luxury apartment in Russia for kidnapped surrogate mothers
Nov 15 16:59 real women chat
Nov 15 11:33 Bikko
Nov 15 06:38 Need help finding a particular guro pic
Nov 15 01:05 juan gotoh
Nov 14 23:58 translation needed
Nov 14 14:35 Is there any guro femdom on this site?
Nov 13 16:17 Nintensnuff Pussy Shooter
Nov 11 17:16 Breast Expansion/Belly Expansion guro?
Nov 11 14:55 Star Wars
Nov 11 14:34 Jim Sugomi's "Ruki Roasting Presentation" fic drawing
Nov 10 00:55 Gore of The Pretender and Mei Shniba Unidentified000
Nov 06 14:43 Rachel and her boy/shota from the Ring movies!
Nov 06 09:52 JPG artifact Headless cunnilingus. Lanycakes
Nov 06 09:48 Elf spiting
Nov 04 22:48 Looking for a snuff manga/comic
Nov 04 17:01 Source of this belly punching artist
Nov 04 12:35 Dexter's Mom
Nov 04 00:35 Pat and Mat Unidentified000
Nov 03 18:22 Cattleya and Rana guro/snuff
Nov 03 05:52 Any Idea who made this
Nov 02 12:54 as many of slashers comics as possible
Oct 31 15:29 killed neko girl by arrow
Oct 31 15:28 Dodge10 Archive Request
Oct 30 09:12 Custom story
Oct 30 04:11 Muscular Cocks
Oct 30 01:56 Exploding Dildo in Ebony Boy Stripper
Oct 28 20:24 Looking for asphyxiation Slaver2be
Oct 28 19:40 Pre-Teen Idol gets sold and killed by biggest fan?
Oct 28 04:27 /lit/ request - tits in a wringer
Oct 27 18:42 Manga
Oct 25 22:30 quadruple amputees getting spanked DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 25 19:16 looking for an old 70's film
Oct 24 01:09 who's the artist
Oct 23 22:09 Specific content...
Oct 23 22:09 Nuns
Oct 23 17:08 cvgjvgj
Oct 23 09:00 Guro themed faproulette
Oct 21 15:10 Looking for:
Oct 20 19:59 CONTRAPTIONS DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 19 19:12 Farm Videos
Oct 19 19:12 Do you know any Human cattle game?
Oct 18 14:29 Eyeball licking
Oct 18 06:58 Abs punching sh0z
Oct 17 05:55 Interesting Artwork and Artist Also Source.
Oct 16 21:08 Requesting Tubes
Oct 16 19:16 What's the name of this artist/series?
Oct 13 13:45 Source artist
Oct 13 10:17 Family Reset story
Oct 13 09:41 Werewolf Manga wyfar
Oct 12 21:37 Animal Farm Comic Akenaten
Oct 12 16:47 Fire Stuff
Oct 12 05:28 Looking for a film Boti The Bunny
Oct 12 05:25 Short manga/comic/whatever where a dude gets killed by ants
Oct 09 02:37 Who is the artist?
Oct 08 20:30 looking for an old story pokemon vore park
Oct 08 12:24 Missing story
Oct 08 11:51 Midari Ikishima (kakegurui) Artwork? Saucy Sanders
Oct 08 11:42 Looking for a story
Oct 08 09:29 Request gabrele.g Green
Oct 08 09:24 Anime? 47
Oct 07 08:00 Succubus snuff Anony-Mouse
Oct 06 17:59 AyaSwan's Incredibles
Oct 06 03:22 Teens and tweens
Oct 05 07:10 Belly stab via swords, spears, or daggers?
Oct 05 07:03 Dolores cut open
Oct 05 00:04 Assistance with a /lit story John Doe
Oct 04 18:45 Studio Vibration.
Oct 04 14:16 lolis and shotas at the morgue neobyzantium
Oct 03 16:58 Source of two scat pics
Oct 03 14:24 looking one jennaboot
Sep 28 21:33 Floating lips sucking dicks?
Sep 28 10:12 Source plz?
Sep 27 12:21 Serach for BBW SSBBW Cannibal Pics
Sep 26 03:24 Missing pages
Sep 22 21:13 Code Geass
Sep 22 08:25 Original Model Source?
Sep 21 19:12 source plz
Sep 21 17:20 Can someone make a translation from Japanese on this
Sep 21 04:05 Overwatch Tracer Scat/WS SFM Clip Request? Squishy
Sep 20 14:33 Translation for the last 4 pages of an 8 page comic by MOS
Sep 20 09:54 comic
Sep 20 09:53 comic
Sep 19 15:02 game modding help
Sep 19 13:32 plz help
Sep 17 20:32 Image set request
Sep 16 01:29 Editing request
Sep 15 21:34 I need to find the full comic
Sep 13 03:46 My hero academy snuff
Sep 12 04:31 Looking for eye trauma/teeth pulled/amputation combined?
Sep 11 21:44 Dom
Sep 11 20:31 Italian Fumetti
Sep 11 06:42 Sailor Snuff Scouts JimTheMonster
Sep 10 14:13 ass cheek(s) removals
Sep 10 12:31 Insect / Parasite - Eating from the inside out.
Sep 10 04:24 Requesting game. Necromancer
Sep 09 21:11 milf with shota
Sep 09 12:27 Source please
Sep 09 03:52 eyefuck pic
Sep 09 00:35 sauce
Sep 08 01:14 Looking for story involving two families and a dog
Sep 06 00:35 Looking for some killing girls in office suits manga/game
Sep 05 21:45 Snuff Olympics (MeatLover) source/other images
Sep 04 23:01 Help me find the name of a manga
Sep 04 05:02 Dead yo-yo Hakusho girls
Sep 04 03:24 Searching for particular comic
Sep 02 23:04 please animate
Sep 02 15:46 name of artist?
Sep 02 03:19 Source pls.
Sep 01 03:46 Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, Viola from One Piece Guro or Vore Weskerubcs
Aug 31 15:31 Looking for a pic
Aug 31 12:24 Does anybody know the author?
Aug 30 07:33 Source and artist
Aug 30 03:56 More works by the same author or similar manga?
Aug 29 08:31 Lengthy survival contest story
Aug 28 02:27 Artist?
Aug 28 00:11 Photoshop "SAMPLE" out of this image
Aug 27 23:55 A very aged picture
Aug 27 23:29 Image without text
Aug 27 23:22 Translation?
Aug 27 23:04 Woman Impregnated by Animals.
Aug 27 17:44 Genji
Aug 27 08:46 pivix translation
Aug 26 23:33 Manga Source Request
Aug 26 06:11 Looking for brain guro image
Aug 26 05:34 Manga Source
Aug 26 00:58 Where can I find this particular story?
Aug 25 00:41 Pic source
Aug 24 10:38 translate?
Aug 22 15:08 Write an Interactive Snuff Story
Aug 22 05:09 Help in finding CG set?
Aug 19 14:33 Guro Reference Sheets
Aug 18 02:29 Request source Sokaku
Aug 18 00:32 Does anyone know source or have more of this?
Aug 17 09:19 Translation Akty
Aug 17 03:55 games with sex n death
Aug 16 09:05 Kingdom Hearts Guro? am not nigger
Aug 14 14:34 Forbidden Feast archives
Aug 13 07:41 Zip Tie Asphyxia? BDB
Aug 13 00:23 Headless Edit Request
Aug 12 06:49 Anyone have the lolimaho RPG please?
Aug 10 13:25 Anyone have or know where I can find the Lois Griffin deleted fart Scene? Churpie
Aug 10 05:07 Source please ^^
Aug 10 05:06 Game request
Aug 09 21:34 source of this/more of it
Aug 09 00:19 The Witcher
Aug 08 20:46 shota-on-loli abuse (accidentally posted in /g/ earlier sorry)
Aug 08 09:01 hentai video with death and sex?
Aug 07 20:24 More like this and from this Artist?
Aug 07 06:21 the other images of this Snake Vore
Aug 07 05:45 Black Rabbit Valentine from old furry heart thread
Aug 07 04:23 FMA Guro Barry The Chopper
Aug 07 04:22 Fairy Tail Guro Fairy Hunter
Aug 04 23:07 Manga Source~
Aug 04 19:08 Newest Mu-Mu Factory game share? Stardust
Aug 04 18:09 Any victim pov gore/snuff videos or animations?
Aug 04 17:24 I found it Ykvr
Aug 04 12:23 Hammer deaths
Aug 03 04:37 Specific CG hanging video from woman's perspective
Aug 03 01:37 Translation?
Aug 03 01:29 Guro Character Ideas Unidentified000
Aug 01 09:14 Looking for art made in 2015 by the artist DeadDino
Aug 01 05:36 Videl Guro
Jul 30 17:37 Fumetti
Jul 28 04:34 Guro Tumblrs Headless_Boy
Jul 27 18:27 lopunny guro
Jul 27 02:04 Source for this pic
Jul 26 07:58 Brain Fuck Lit
Jul 24 05:56 Girl being head snapped or being swallow whole Veltix
Jul 24 01:44 ARMS ryona/guro?
Jul 23 21:10 Daphne guro
Jul 23 20:22 I need help finding a story I read a while back Godspeed
Jul 22 21:55 Penectomy/castration drawing
Jul 22 08:36 funsizedasian scat stuff
Jul 21 14:11 oblivion guro mods
Jul 20 22:07 Help
Jul 19 22:57 Who drew this?
Jul 19 13:34 source?
Jul 19 03:11 Dead Splatoon girls
Jul 18 05:05 Carrot One piece Guro
Jul 17 17:22 Anyone have this?
Jul 16 07:22 Gore Sauce
Jul 15 20:10 2B guro stuff
Jul 15 17:56 Manga Source request
Jul 13 00:17 Urethra sex manga
Jul 11 19:18 Trying to find works by two artists.
Jul 11 18:28 Alien Worm Fic
Jul 10 04:09 Someone help me with this image?
Jul 08 20:30 Deleted Pixiv artist's works
Jul 07 00:14 Waifu killed thread
Jul 06 16:09 Works of corpse prostitution
Jul 06 13:14 Aemi's art request DD
Jul 06 12:47 dying of weather DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jul 05 20:23 Amputee manga source
Jul 05 04:06 Ada wong Resident evil image from old times gurochan?
Jul 04 19:12 Life drain hentai
Jul 04 01:14 Manga website
Jul 03 14:34 Looking for Skyrim snufg, guro (aldul contents) mods Vik
Jul 03 11:51 Anyone know this artist?
Jul 01 15:12 Looking for more/references/commission artist
Jul 01 08:50 Edit request
Jun 30 22:59 Death by horse
Jun 28 23:50 Episode source ?
Jun 28 19:01 Are there more from This artist ?
Jun 28 18:51 More of this? Blau Sturm
Jun 28 18:20 Looking for artist Charles Sawyer
Jun 26 02:50 What is the tittle of this anime? Onix
Jun 24 23:41 translation
Jun 24 17:26 Looking For Mad scientist hentai manga
Jun 24 14:04 Looking for a Metroid story Toxic
Jun 24 04:30 High quality version of Angels Corps
Jun 23 04:20 Small spaces?
Jun 22 16:19 slasher comic Johny Guro
Jun 17 15:35 One piece guro
Jun 16 21:32 Coloring Request
Jun 13 20:15 Dark cuckold 3d comic
Jun 13 04:47 Name of a certain hentai anime
Jun 12 20:38 sauce request
Jun 10 23:05 Searching for a snuff story about willing teen couples in a basement JPX
Jun 08 14:33 Custom guro story
Jun 08 07:59 Does anyone know what episode of Osumatsu-san this is from?
Jun 07 10:11 Manga source
Jun 06 17:39 Considering an artist for my stories Ellen
Jun 06 06:47 nipple fucking/insertion
Jun 05 16:44 Looking for semi cons rape story
Jun 05 08:23 Vorzen Project Search
Jun 04 20:09 Scat Hentai with actual swallowing?
Jun 02 06:18 Looking for this
May 31 22:52 Looking for MS Topless story
May 29 02:36 Encased in concrete
May 23 14:44 Name?
May 20 23:48 Karina on the Gore floor story?
May 13 20:23 Harley quinn
May 13 20:05 Looking for an old DGF story, "The Curse" JimTheMonster
May 13 16:57 manga source
May 12 19:58 Source request
May 12 06:53 Anyone has the link to this doujin? Bender
May 11 23:41 A little edit request
May 11 12:38 Dante's Whoretown Justice was truncated in circulation; does anyone have the complete version? Regis
May 10 18:28 Burning Alive photos SecretPerson
May 10 07:36 Source Please? Girl sucking a pistol and shot.
May 10 06:59 Does anyone have the "show and tell" N.Dofline picture?
May 09 13:43 Salamanders studio
May 09 01:18 Request for archives of old (apart from wayback machine)
May 08 16:39 JGP Gargoyle drawings
May 06 23:05 Fantasticgirl
May 06 06:15 Someone can write a Juri Han story?? amyroseater
May 06 02:33 Lost Media - Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka Tapes
May 05 13:21 Alice: Madness Returns?
May 05 13:13 Persona 5 Girls
May 04 14:28 Translate last half of this Mos comic?
May 03 21:39 Looking for flash animation
May 03 19:54 May someone translate this or at least tell me whether she was unconscious or awake? Thanks
May 03 18:18 Looking for source of this pic.
May 03 11:37 Guro themed faproulette
Apr 30 07:49 Help finding an old photo manip of asian girl


I remember a few months ago i came across a comic/manga/hentai whatever they are called, that was about a bunch of horses owning a farm of bunnies or rabbits and abusing them to the max. Can't seem to remember what it was called so if anyone has a clue, please let me know :P The rabbits were all females, horses were mixed i think


Never mind, found it (The Processing of Samantha Smith by Mamabliss)


Any fire pictures? I don't mean witch burning though. I mean doused in gasoline and lit by a match, engulfed in a fireball, or stuff along those lines. Any of that? With abs would be nice too but that's kinda pushing it. Haha.


Nothing? Okay. :(

File: 1503799692614.jpg (77.06 KB, 500x375, asiangirlhead.jpg)


Idk if this goes here, if it doesnt i apologize, but I'm trying to find a movie with the picture here. A site this image was hosted on had Yokai tengoku ghost hero in tag so i thought that was it. I downloaded it but can't find the scene. If anyone know what movie this is from it would be appreciated.



Trying to find a comic or manga or some shit where a dude wakes up inside a giant ant colony and gets stuffed with ants before they burst out of his stomach. Most of it is in Japanese, with I think some words in the title that were in English. If you at least know an artist who does things similar to this or an image hosting site that might host and properly tag something like that, it'd be super helpful.

File: 1507515829658.jpg (258.08 KB, 800x700, IMG_0134.JPG)


Who is the artist of this pic?


File: 1501436967776.jpg (216.75 KB, 1200x925, 1489479154150.jpg)


Misty, May, Dawn, & Iris all go to a vore themed park and get nommed in various ways.

Been looking for this for awhile now but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


"Poke vore Park" by unknown author

Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris plan to do some sight-seeing together on a tour of the islands south of the mainland for the first week of summer vacation. Several of the places there are almost uncharted, a perfect place for discovery and adventure. The four girls know each other through their shared time with one legendary Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum. The girls tried to get Ash and ever Brock to go with them, but each had other plans. Ash found an old trainer who also never evolves his Pokémon for some stupid reason. He left for that trainer’s home high in the northern mountains right when school ended. Brock found some scroll about rock Pokémon technics that he has been studying for the last few weeks. It must have been very important to turn down an invite from the girls.

All four girls end up finding a strange training flyer while staying on Shamouti Island. The resort there is nice, but the girls have already been there before and the crowd this year is huge. It also has little to offer if they wanted to train their Pokémon. The flyer is for a theme park that just opened up on an island south of the orange islands. The four girls never knew there was island south of that chain, save for Unova, which is south and mostly west. It sounds interesting, but the name did not make since, it must be in another language, or at least a word the girls did not know, something called “Vore”. The flyer promised a once in a lifetime experience for all girl trainers. Something else is odd though, it specifically states that no boys may come to the resort on the island. This made the girls even more interested. The front of the flyers show three beautiful tanned girls lying on a beach in very skimpy swimsuits laughing and sipping exotic fruit drinks. Behind them three Pokémon have their mouths opened wide as if growling or shouting maybe.

May thinks the flyer is for a special intense training for Pokémon while the girls can relax and catch some rays. Misty however is not so sure, by looks of it, to her at least, the Pokémon seem like they are about to do something like maybe shoot breath weapons. The three Pokémon shown cannot use breath attacks. Misty thinks it is a way to give Pokémon new abilities that most have never heard of. Dawn does not know what to think, but the beach on the flyer looks very nice and not crowded at all. The blue haired girl stares around at all the people on Shamouti Island anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


She laughs a little; this is what the four of them came here for, right? “Oh my, you are a beautiful Lapras! Look at your shell; it is of the darkest greens I have ever seen, and your belly, so white and pure, like freshly fallen snow.” All the praise hits the Lapras’ ego and it understand her admiration for it, many girls have willing fed themselves to him, and this little redhead tastes wonderful. The Lapras comes closer and licks his lips. “So, you like what you see, I take it… you really scared me though, I wasn’t ready for it at all.” The water Pokémon turns his head and makes a face at her explanation. It reaches out with it jaws open and snags the girl by her midsection. She looks up at it wondering what is next. Lapras sit Misty down on his shell and starts to swim over to the deeper end of the marina. There Misty sees finds other large water Pokémon all with full bellies. “So, are these your feeding grounds?” A pair of Quagsire lay on the shore with bulging bellies and their contents evident. A few Gyarados rest at the surface of the water obviously sated from large meals. Down below them Misty sees a noble looking Kyogre at the bottom of the pool resting. She cannot tell if it ate yet, but she guesses that a Kyogre would have several fans as it were. It could probably eat three or more girls like her. As the Pokémon gets closer to the deeper end of the marina it stops and looks over at a girl and Pokémon making a scene. A large Kingler is busy eating a small brown-haired girl with silky white skin feet first using its large claw to guide her inside him deeper. The little girl cries out, “Oh God, I ate crab just yesterday, now I am paying the price… this is karma…” The crab’s mouth feelers rub against her middle and she collapses as the crab pushes more on her head. The crab is taking its time with her middle, giving her a full course of orgasms, making her body spasm for a minute as she cannot do anything but ride out her sexual experience. After slumping inside his mouth, she pleads, “Yes… yes… eat me… avenge all the crabs I eat… I deserve no less…” Forcefully, the large crab pushes her all the way inside his mouth. Its strange feelers clean its mouth with rhythmic motions clearing all the saliva away. The crab moves over to a nice dry area to enjoy the feelings of the girl struggling inside his food sack. Several moans issues from within the crab’s body as the eaten girl feels the stomach organ treating her like food.

Misty looks upPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1502511141088.jpg (394.58 KB, 1505x1062, IMG_4771.JPG)


Looking for a story from the old gurochan about a girl who mutilates herself to survive the zombie apocalypse
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Everything was fuzzy. Dark and light danced around Michelle’s vision, her thoughts muddled and slow. Was she sleeping? Was this a dream? Where was she? Memories returned. Chaos. Danger. Sleepless nights on a cold, hard floor. Friends. Brie. A choice…everything was fuzzy. Her eyes tried to focus, but it was hard; she felt confused, and tired, and numb. There was a voice, and it was calling her name. Michelle concentrated: there was a figure standing to her left, leaning over her. She squinted, as she tried to make out the persons face.

It was her own.

This failed to register with poor Michelle’s brain. She tried to focus again, and met with the same results. That was definitely her own features smiling down benevolently. But that couldn’t be. She was Michelle, surely. Was she? She was still a little out of it. She looked again. Still her face up there. Ah of course. This was a dream. Oh well…might as well play along.

“Hello, me” she slurred, smiling. The other Michelle giggled. Something about her was off, but it was hard to tell at the moment. There was something else that seemed off too actually, but right now she was just letting this crazy dream carry her off.
“You look pretty…” said Michelle. She noticed that her clone was naked. Noticing that she was staring, the other Michelle smiled seductively, sliding her hands down her sides towards her thighs. Oh, so it was one of those dreams then. Well, whatever. She didn’t quite feel up for moving yet though, so she simply kept enjoyed the show, narcissistic as it seemed. The other Michelle (Michelle started thinking of her Chell) rotated, shaking her butt. But the skin of her but seemed oddly flat, as if there was more skin than meat there. And was that a cut down her back? Michelle couldn’t see any blood though…As if realising this mid-routine, Chell quickly turned round again. Now the smaller details were starting to slide into focus. One of her breasts seemed larger than the other one, and her pussy lips hung wide open. It was as if someone was wearing an ill-fitting suit shaped like her own skin.
“Who are you?” She asked Chell. Her not-quite double, whose nose hung limply off her face, put a finger to her lips and winked, which looked very odd indeed.

“It’s ok, Michelle. You’re going to be fine, just don’t freak out, ok? Please?” Wait a minute. That wasn’t her voice at all. And those eyes were brown, and looked so familiar. The imposter placed her hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Brie woke from a pleasant dream that had already been forgotten, leaving behind only a feeling of having achieved something great. She checked her surroundings; found that nothing had been disturbed, and relaxed. She had been sleeping on the pile of cushions in the corner of the room. Michelle had been with her, but now she could see that her friend was staring out the shutters. She had put her skin back on, and had not noticed that Brie was awake. Brie quietly got up and attempted to sneak up on Michelle, but stealth was hard when you had a noticeable limp. Michelle snapped round, seen Brie, and relaxed.

“Jesus Brie, don’t do that.” Her eyes were red. Brie apologised, coming closer.

“Something wrong?” she asked. Michelle stared. “You know what I mean”.

“I’ve been up a while. Didn’t sleep well. I guess…all this…” Michelle pulled on her loose skin for emphasis. “It’s hard to believe this isn’t some crazy dream".

“Oh, Michelle, I know it’s tough, but we’ve got to be strong now.” Cooed Brie, cupping her friend’s face with her good hand. “We’ll get by, somehow. Me, you and Becky. We’ll find her, promise.” Michelle said nothing, still brooding. Brie kissed her on the cheek, although she knew Michelle could no longer feel it.

“I hope you bring this along with you.” She said, playing with her friends face, pulling it up so that the eye holes were now on Michelle’s forehead and the mouth over her nose. Michelle tried to reply, but it came out muffled. Letting go, Brie laughed as Michelle tried to readjust her face, before giving up and pulling it down, leaving it hanging down past her neck.

“That took ages to get looking good you know. And to answer your question…can I? Like, physically how could I? Just drag it around? Won’t that look a little suspicious?”

“I suppose you’re right. I just carry my skull around, but the two of us doing it might look suspicious. Let me think about it. First I need to take my….” She trailed off as the thought hit her. She didn’t really feel very sore this morning. Huh.

“What is it?” asked Michelle, her red face looking as concerned as it was capable of looking. Brie shook her head.

“It’s…nothing. Take your medicine, then we’ll think about getting out of here.”

As they did so, Brie put that thought to one side and considered the next step with Michelle: Finding Becky. She didn’t want to admit it, but there weren’t many placesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


“So…any requests?”

Becky was laid out on a pair of tables that had been pulled over into the centre of the room. She was naked, and didn’t seem particularly bothered by that fact. Her breasts were easily the biggest of the three, and perhaps there was a quiet sense of satisfaction in that. She didn’t actually seem nervous at all, considering what was about to happen. She considered the question, rolling her eyes in thought. Then she shrugged.



“You seem to know what you’re doing. Actually, I’ve got one request…”

“Yes?” asked Brie, who was already holding her scalpel.

“No repeats. Wearing matching outfits is a total no-no, even now.”

“So you’re saying not to skin you?”

“Just try something that looks dead but doesn't involve skinning me alive or gutting me, ok?"

“Uh…I’ll see what I can do?”

“Magic. Put me under, Doc.” Soon, the redhead was sound asleep. Michelle regarded her prone form. She didn’t have any eyebrows, but that was clearly what she was going for.

“I don’t think she’s treating this with the gravity it deserves. This isn’t a fashion show.”
“Whatever helps her cope, I guess. I just hope she’s as calm when she wakes up.” Brie measured up her latest subject. Well, skinning and gutting was out. Good thing she had someone to brainstorm with this time.

“Any suggestions, nurse?”

“Well…I think that arm has to go.” It was a good point. The arm was broken, and even if she took painkillers, it was functionally useless now. Plus, it was something new, which was the only “request” given to her. Brie went over to Becky’s left side, holding the arm up.

“Where should we cut?”

“It’s the humerus that’s hurting her. That’s the upper part of her arm. I’d say we take the whole thing off.”

“Well…let’s get started, I guess. Hold her arm for me.” Brie felt around the arm, looking for where the joint was, before cutting a thin line around it with her scalpel. Retrieving the saw, she took a deep breath before she started. It was much easier sawing someone else’s bones at least. Becky didn’t even flinch as Brie sawed through just beneath her shoulder, and soon the arm dropped free. Brie placed the severed arm on another table, resisting the urge to wave it at Michelle-play could come afterwards.

“Well, that solves the issue of the broken arm. Now what?” Michelle gazPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It had been a few days, and the whole “escape” part of the plan had taken something of a backseat.

Sitting cross legged on the mattress, Brie considered the past few days. A lot seemed to have been learned while doing not a whole lot. For starters, there had been the first cooked dinner Brie had eaten in ages. Eating Becky’s newly superfluous breasts (with a side order of arm, because there was good eating to be had on a human arm) seemed a fantastic idea, using the criteria that had come to dominate the previous week (“Is it hot?”). The kitchen oven and microwave had long since stopped working, but they had matches and plenty to burn. They had sat in the gloomy basement of Malone’s, roasting human meat over an open fire, still coming down from the heady heights of their orgy. They held hands, smiling and giggling at each other-3 survivors in the city of the dead.

It turns out that breast are mostly made of fat, and that they don’t actually taste that good. Brie and Michelle had tried their best to be game about it, but there was just no escaping the fact that tits were not great dinner. Becky was actually a little offended at first-“My tits are the bomb! What the hell, you cut ‘em off and now you don’t even want them?!”-but she too had to admit that it wasn’t a premium dining experience. The arm and rib meat went down much better, much to Becky’s relief-it seemed embarrassing, somehow, to be considered untasty.

Feeling fuller and happier, the group had went to bed, and Brie thought about herself and her friends, and how they were still alive after all they had been through. She had a theory that she didn’t want to believe-that they were in the midst of turning without realising it. How else could they explain their increased durability and resistance to pain? She twirled her entrails with her finger as she through, as if she was subconsciously proving her own point. They may have suffered outrageous injury…but they were still acting human, right? Brie certainly didn’t think her mentality had changed much; she was still Brie, and her friends were still her friends. Maybe more than friends now actually, but the point stood. It was a puzzle she was simply unable to solve at that moment, and she had resolved to bring it up with her friends the next day. After they discussed their next move, which was very important, obviously.

They spent the next day fucking.

They spent more than a few days fucking, actPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Brie and her friends sat side by side in cold leather chairs, cloth bags over their heads and hands cuffed behind them (Becky had her remaining hand tied to the seat). They had been told not to talk, and frankly they weren’t going to oppose the armed goons who were currently holding them captive. How long had they waited? It was hard to tell. It was probably only a few hours, but it had felt both an age and an instant since that door had been kicked down. They had been in no state to escape or resist-the mysterious soldiers had bagged them on the spot and led them into a waiting vehicle. After that everything was a blur of anxious waiting, with the occasional barked order. It was morally crushing. Just when it seemed as if a little order had been established, control had been wrestled away from them. It had seemed as if they had conquered the undead city; now they were prisoners.

Brie didn’t hear the stiletto footsteps echoing through the room, but she did hear a confident, feminine voice speaking to the guards. Then the bag was removed, revealing an impossibly white room, about the size of a large office. In front of her, a large black chair sat behind a desk, facing away from her. Besides a few stray pieces of paper, the only thing on the desk was a keyboard and no visible screen. Everything gave the impression hard and unyielding-even the florescent lights seemed to buzz aggressively.

“So sorry for the wait, girls. Had to get all the dull stuff out of the way before I could see you.”

The voice came from behind the chair. Brie looked around at her friends, who were doing the same. Brie spoke first.

“Who…who are you? Where are we?”

“What do you want?”

“Are you going to kill us?”

The chair laughed in a very practiced, swaying slightly.

“Kill you? Oh, sweety, I wouldn’t worry about that…”

The chair turned, revealing what could only be described as the smuggest woman Brie had ever seen. Peroxide blond hair crowned a tanned face that was grinning from ear to ear, eyebrows raised and eyes gleaming. She wore a very expensive looking white suit jacket with a grey shirt, fitted to perfection. She wore a smart grey skirt that showed plenty of leg. Their captor clasped her hands to her face and leaned forward, examining the trio at her leisure. She didn’t seem as disgusted as Brie initially thought she would find them. Brie shifted a little in her chair. The increasePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I just got off watching a solid half of kakegurui, and what disappointed me was the suicidal, masturbating, bleeding russian roulette woman didn't have anything happen to her.

Does anyone have any violent artwork of this character? Tere's just a bunch of light-hearted dark humor pics, from what I've gathered.

File: 1493747459241.jpg (978.57 KB, 1598x1470, 138688783775.jpg)


It's a hard vore (I think) restaurant story which involved a mother and her children getting eaten by anthros. I believe it was posted on this version of gurochan a while back as:

"Table for 2 (loli, snuff, torture, rape, hard vore" by Napoleon88

But the archives don't have it.

Picture unrelated.


"Table for 2" by Napoleon88 [2015]

"Hello Mrs Fawn! Welcome chez du la mange!" The pantheress greeter said cheerfully. She was wearing a fairly eloquent black dress that complimented her glossy black fur and stood behind a beautiful mahogany podium in the dimly lit restaurant foyer. "It has been quite some time since I've last seen you here. How are you doing?"
"Oh I'm doing just fine, honey." I said while smiling happily. I smoothed down my dark blue satin dress and placed my paw on the shoulder strap of my purse.
"How have you been Sarah?" I replied. "How are your cubs doing? I heard that they just started school this fall."
"Oh? Oh, yes little Chelsea and Marlon are going to first grade." The waiters replied, her eyes shining with that look only a mother could have. Her pride shone in her pupils like the brightest of stars. " their growing up so fast. How about you? How's your little girl doing?"
Oh shes just fine!" I replied looking behind myself at the little white Siberian tiger cub. I had put her in a pretty green shirt and skirt outfit that made her light green eyes even more expressive then usual. She was casually walking around the grand restaurant lobby, looking at their intricate paintings and the large tank of fish. The main area of the restaurant was magnificent with high ceilings, and beautiful gold and diamond chandlers. The walls were painted black and a rich brown that, together with the low lighting, gave the entire area a very sophisticated, aristocratic feel.
"Come say hi, Nalia." I said, knocking the cub out of the trance the the quickly circling fish had put her in. She quickly walked over to where I stood, a big smile showing off her gleaming fangs and teeth.
"H-hi!" She said cheerily, her hands locking in front if her and swaying slowly.
"Oh, aren't you the cutest little thing." The waiter said while leaning over the perfectly polished podium to look at the little girl. "I swear you white tigers make the cutest cubs. How old are you, hmm?"
"Ummm," Nalia putting her hands in front of her face and counting in them, before throwing nine fingers up. "This many!" She said happily, proud of her achievement.
"Awwww! Is this your first time here?" The panther cooed. Nalia just nodded and then walked over to hold onto my dress.
"She's so sweet! I could just gobbler her up." The waitress said making the small tiger giggle a bit her tail swaying casually with her pleasure.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Make a lesbian gore orgy


File: 1507454940443.png (13.94 KB, 1080x109, Screenshot_20171008_102840.png)


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