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File: 1487612398015.jpg (3.01 KB, 150x101, thumb_ww-peril5-1.jpg)


I'm a fan of Aemi which draw beautifull superheroine peril (some are on gurochan). I particulary like the WW guro style.
Do you know if exist a full complete set of Aemi draw (included the old guro)?
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look good. Somme help?


look interesting. interested too.


he has an account at sexy amazons and at deviant art. But i don't know if in deviantart he has the same name.




Yes he has an account on it but there is just some exemple of his work.
I don't know where to find all of it


Some news?

File: 1499275322410.jpg (982.11 KB, 1400x996, Fate_of_three_Witches_by_M….jpg)


Hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, and earthquakes, natural disasters of all sorts. Bonus points if it's intentionally used to kill and torture beautiful babes.


File: 1499344729872.jpg (223.53 KB, 1200x863, 54012252 - 無題_2.jpg)


File: 1499345263499.jpg (178.01 KB, 1200x850, 54012252 - 無題_4.jpg)

File: 1498081493550.jpg (662.38 KB, 1690x2450, 1497164210684.jpg)


What's the source of this?

File: 1498705920011.jpg (533.08 KB, 903x1755, _20170629_000515.JPG)


Does anyone have an image of Ada Wong were it was just showing here been beheaded, she was om her back, and her head was in the air like it had been just cuted
was on here in gurochan long time ago
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Thats not what i mean, is another one, this picture was just for ilustration, this is recent, the one i mean is very old


That's all i can do atleast i sent the source


Thanks bro, i appreciate your help, but i did not ask for the source of this image, as i told the pic was just for ilustration, i already knew the source, this artist is very active here at gurochan


Who's The Artist You Refering to Get the description you find?


I don't know the artist, the image was on a "Ada Wong" thread, here in gurochan, at the year of 2009/2010

File: 1499093699479.png (1.79 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0971.PNG)


I'm looking for a hentai where a woman fucked shemale woman to steal there energy. Picture unrelated


File: 1499195579207.png (616.79 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2017-07-04….png)



File: 1498614730246.jpg (33.63 KB, 300x426, images.jpg)


Anyone know a good japanese site for free download mangas that havent been release outside japan?


Kissmanga is the one I use

File: 1498995073594.jpg (945.01 KB, 850x1200, 1498892343813.jpg)


As the tittle, pls sb share me some Skyrim mods about snuff, skull fuck, brain fuck, dolcett, ect...

Thank you!

(Pic not related)


Namira's Goat. Look it up on loverslab. (It allows for Dolcett style cannibalism).
Also, I remember there's a necrophilia mod to, but I never used it so I didn't remember the name. It might have skullfuck animations.

Your BEST bet is to contact FunnyBuzziness (he has a thread on 3DCG) and he'll point you to the best Wkyrim related mods. Really check out his thread if you haven't already.


Thank you. Do you have a link to his post?
I'm realyy confused with the sexlab mod's 'Ocean" =]]



Thank you again 😍

File: 1499021818723.jpg (76.08 KB, 1001x1163, Dvoe_00.jpg)


Saw this in the impaling thread, tried revearse image search, or searching based on the file name, found nothing so far.


That's Blood Otaku (also known simply as Otaku, which is not exactly a searchable name)


He also has a thread in /art/


File: 1498921924177.jpg (72.45 KB, 600x800, 1491893912154 (1).jpg)


Looking to see if anyone knows the source for this image, if there's any more of this character/more girls with similar appearance, and if there's any commission artists who would be up to drawing just her face that I can use as a reference to show to sfw artists

File: 1498881960111.jpg (464.33 KB, 1299x1600, IMG_0656.JPG)


Anyone mind to make a headless edit of this plz, I appreciate it.


File: 1498899020058.png (876.37 KB, 1299x1600, 149888196011.png)

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