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old guro stuff?



If sad panda

chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sad-panda/bohapeiooecafommnlaiccilacgmkaoc for chrome


inflation bursting stories in japanese anyone can translate?


While it would be nice to have proper English version but as I see you can just use google translate to get an idea of what is going on


I'm looking all over this place and all I see is the usual crap that most hentai is. Assholes having their way as if men are the only ones capable of rape or violence. I want to see bitches gutting up men or other women, fucking dead guys or something. Anything as long as there's a female getting off on this shit too.
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>Here it is all explained oglaf.com/submission/

That also explains why women are so lame in reality and why the fantasy of them being the complete opposite of that is so hot.


I've seen all of those and there's one major problem with everything by that artist. The women are never getting off on what they're doing. It's pointless torture with no sexual gratification, whereas in maledom the guys are always busting nuts.

>If you cant find what you like it means there are not enough people willing to make that kind of content and typically 99% of all content is created by males.

Why do you think I even made this thread? For someone like you to point out the obvious and say "if you can't find it, make it yourself"? Thanks, that's real helpful. Despite what you say about most content being made by males and nobody caring about males, looking around this site and others like it, all I really see is a ton of man lovers getting off on watching guys do things.


I think you are a bit too picky. you ask for femdom and then you complain that you want femdom where the dominant woman is wearing striped socks and barking like a dog
The more demands yo make the fewer chances ate to find it.

In the maledom, guys are not busting nuts either in fact dom is not supposed to cum at all.

>>Why do you think I even made this thread?
I guess you are asking for the magic words to get into the parallel universe.

Otherwise, it is totally unclear what do you want to achieve.
there is plenty of femdom stuff as exhentai says it has 22000 galleries with femdom tag while it only has 5000 galeries with guro tag.
This is pretty popular topic


>I think you are a bit too picky. you ask for femdom and then you complain that you want femdom where the dominant woman is wearing striped socks and barking like a dog

The more demands yo make the fewer chances ate to find it.
I said what I'm looking for (on this site mind you, not exhentai) in the first post.

>Anything as long as there's a female getting off on this shit too.

>getting off on this shit too

>getting off

You don't really seem to understand what getting off means. But that's to be expected of someone who thinks guro only about the blood, guts, death and has nothing to do with power. I wouldn't be surprised if you've fapped to Nightmare on Elm Street or got boners for villainous men like Jason or Freddy Krueger.


how about you try looking for it instead of making a thinly veiled excuse to bitch about other people's fetish tastes?


I thought you are looking for it in general because if you complain about content of this site it is really stupid Or else I can also complain that there is too much violence and not enough happy guro and consensual stuff.

If there was a scene of Fredy Kruger fisting ;) a hot girl who is moaning in pleasure (or getting angry) it would be pretty good fapping material for me

File: 1509269854543.jpeg (115.09 KB, 664x1080, 1494391927586.jpeg)


I posted this in the wrong section earlier but does anyone know if there are any other parts to these pictures? and if so where i can find them.


File: 1509269873109.jpg (705.37 KB, 1103x1200, 1498693441479.jpg)


File: 1510520946193.jpeg (123.72 KB, 600x800, 4E4DD340-0FED-4A01-AD10-1….jpeg)

I Know Just The Source :)


>I know just the source

What may that be, sauce nao shows nothing


Here’s Artist Who Made These


File: 1493438624752.jpg (201.38 KB, 850x641, sample_1ba4c079fd622250f6f….jpg)


Is anybody willing to write a story about the Nintendo girls being publicly debreasted and either shot or stabbed in the cunt? Perhaps declitted? Preferably while pregnant
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I know of Pauline, Peach, Daisy, Zelda, Rosalina and Wendy Koopa. Of course all but Zelda are in this image.



I've been and will be pretty busy for a while...
I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes too high


Okay, sorry if I seem like I'm pestering you


Would still like some cunt mutilation from this


I was wondering if there are any type of guro
(GIFS, manga, images, etc...) were the female's breasts or belly inflate and expand with semen to the point of her breasts or belly exploding? I've looked everywhere and have not found any luck.
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Strangely enough, I just found this


Not necessarily with semen, but preferred. Also the link doesn't work.


Link works fine you probably just don't have exhentai access

If any kind of inflation if good you should have no problems finding that.
You can even try to find some videos on Pornhub


Tumblr can help, search for inflation and bursting there. Definitely seen a lot of it. Nylonwave has done some, ecchi-panda has done some. People blog Japanese art of inflation bursting too.


Oh yeah, a few others (My alias is taken), (Aeris airways) and Alorok did some too.


I would like to request some star wars


I, I think it's better to ask here than pollute Jim's thread.

I'm looking for the pic Jim drew for the fic Ruki Roasting Presentation, with RUki's mom ordering her to climb into the rotisserie. Anyone have it?






File: 1510275316255.png (3.09 KB, 320x240, pretender_by_amu_amateur-d….png)


I've had Enough with Alphabirb and and I want her Characters to get Murdered and Mutilated.

Can some Draw it for me Please?


Does anyone have or is willing to make a 3d or hentai pics of Rachel and her mom having sex and attacked by Samara?


*I mean Rachel and her son

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