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File: 1551018981115.jpg (286.39 KB, 560x420, RJ189223_img_main.jpg)


If someone has rapidgator premium account maybe you can download this game and put it on another host?


It is Japanese but I think it should work with AGTH

there are also many other games but they need premium account to get


Firstly, the pastebin you provided is from the guy, that doesn't upload content. They have never seen those products. I know from experience.
Secondly, rapidgator links can be downloaded with just simple trick.
Make an account on OBOOM.
Then "Upload file", "Remotely"(or something like that) And then paste your link.
Sometimes it may show Eroor 500, but don't worry. Try again and again, and again.


I guess I have to believe you then.

but also as I know rapidgators kinda become premium only when they expire

File: 1551109602805.jpeg (188.46 KB, 964x1280, C8B19C5F-16CB-4272-ABFE-5….jpeg)


Requesting a headless edit of this plz.

File: 1551069482019.jpeg (34.41 KB, 450x600, 1549181482740.jpeg)


Hi! I'm looking for the HD pic of this cutie dullahan or maybe the original artist.

File: 1550879147867.jpg (199.78 KB, 800x1131, pv.jpg)


Anyone have the rest of this comic - Pillow Luv by Vokatron? Or a mega to download the whole thing?

It was on hypnohub but was removed for all the scat.


It is available on Exhentai
But last update was a year ago

File: 1550896145168.jpg (5.86 MB, 1938x4000, 01.jpg)


Source of this?PLZ


File: 1550878000489.jpg (216.23 KB, 1000x1414, IMG_20190222_102512.jpg)


Requesting an edit of this girl having her breast cooked. Would also like some debreasting edits if it isn't too hard.

File: 1549214366586.jpg (101.13 KB, 560x420, RJ242337_img_main.jpg)


I know this game is piece of crap, but can someone upload the full version of it?
Link: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ242337.html
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I wouldn't say it was a piece of crap, the concept and gameplay is decent, it's just missing illustrations of any detailed visuals unfortunately IMO


You're right. The concept is good, but no CG's. Also while I was studying the demo of it, I found out, that this game not only doesn't have visuals, but also demo is, I think, a modified full version. I know, this is normal for developer to modify full ver. of game to be a demo, but this one has most of the full game sprites and the only difference is in events.

Note: This is my speculation and I could be wrong about it. I posted a request because I can't get RPG MV to load the game to see and revert the changes made by dev/devs.


That's unusual. I've seen games from crotch and their demos are not full games. If you are right, then a small change of code can make it a full game.


File: 1550605973186.png (419.03 KB, 1366x768, change.png)

After several days I managed to reverse engineer and access game files. And just as I thought the game actually is a full version, but the difference is one line. I marked on my screenshot. It translates to: "Trial version ends here." I may need some time to test the change, but i think it's not nessesary as all the assets are present.


Little update: Well, the modified trial version worked, but the map itself was affected. Also I don't know when are the characters added to your party. As of right now, I can tell that my ver. maybe is far modified from the original game. IF anyone wants this game in full version, please buy it. I couldn't because of country limitations. And I'm asking once again, can someone upload a full ver. of it?

File: 1520092718351.gif (1.93 MB, 200x112, d2f1da8d3016769f109f748dfd….gif)


Anyone knows? Sorry it's so small
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you mean this is all was made, not coming from something longer?


It's from this pivix pixiv.net/member.php?id=2532867

You need an account to see the NSFW


There was a short scene where the monster tears her chest.


Huh. There was a request for this artist's stuff earlier this year actually.

Good News: There is a full version with the monster actually slashing her and - most impressive - sound.

Bad News: The artist's Pivix actually doesn't have the full version. They originally hosted everything on a website that has since gone down. I guess when it went down, they lost a lot of their stuff. So for those who've seen their whole archive before the site went down, their Pivix page is painfully disappointing.

Better News: Someone managed to save everything before the site went down. Deep in the Animated Gifs thread on /g, there's a link to a working Mega that contains (as far as I can tell) the whole archive. It includes the full version of this one, as well as all of the artists other amazing animations and still art.

Best News: I'm a nice guy, so I went and dug out the link: https://mega.nz/#!aIAhnZpY!soVrLjUG80jet65GvmZADKT4dRV5WttTFa1eeRaDJCY
It should still be working.


Have to bump this

File: 1550813836024.gif (19.79 KB, 876x676, 15.gif)


Have the Bathory series, but there were Nazi concentration camp pics here once with Jew lolis being skinned alive. Sketchy BW stuff, maybe 1960's, looking for more.


File: 1550813952124.gif (18.43 KB, 869x691, 17.gif)

Another Bathory S-Elis



File: 1550814072973.gif (12.79 KB, 864x698, loli_pissonface_20_anonib.gif)

Another from artist S

File: 1550705072002.jpg (47.19 KB, 306x435, sauce.jpg)


Hello any idea the name of this? Is it from asanagi?


art style looks like shindol


I found it, has no guro… not worth it here is a link https://moeero-library.com/477289.html

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