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File: 1513979989952.jpg (54 KB, 680x680, earth-chan.jpg)


Surprise me


This should be interesting

File: 1501563642766.jpg (110.95 KB, 728x839, 1500873022377.jpg)


source please
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File: 1512633792356.jpg (99.96 KB, 544x961, older.vintage.jpg)

Yes i think too


File: 1512634961945.jpg (127.87 KB, 919x643, picturesgo.jpg)

do a search with google image it's fun. i think it's the same girl


Ths artist already gone. :/
Someone have this gallery file?


File: 1513345516602.jpg (121.38 KB, 1016x606, yg456.jpg)

Ilike this, please have you got the source ?


File: 1513923703586.png (1.23 MB, 1115x629, 王牌御史 第00话.png)


What is the Title of this Chinese Anime? And Also In English Sub

Can anyone tell me please. this was interesting Series



Thank You Or If You’re Chinese Only I Can Say Xiéxié :)

I Appriciate it

File: 1513783014255.png (237 B, 417x298, nophoto.png)


Does anyone know any good gore/ hard vore(with none of that large-belly-victim-swallowed-alive shit) content, where the killer/predator is a cute female human/monster?


I just rememebered this strange and yet wonderfull artist with an unique who made quite a few great guro/vore drawings.I tried to search for this work and i found his old wesite closed.I did a search in the Wayback machine and i found that only a few of his sketches were preserved.Does anyone know of a new link or a collection saved someware?
This will be a great addition to anyones guro stash!




Damn I remember this guy, sadly i've lost his stuff when my old computer burn a long time ago, i hope someone finds it!


My currant editer is unable to edit Lucy Vs Nami as she is busy so I need a volunteer. The pros. You get to read Lucy Vs Nami early! Yay I guess. The cons. I suck with grammar. I'll be checking this daily in hopes of finding someone


I can do it for you no problem. i proof read material often and correct for errors often.


Sweet! Do you happen to have a kik?


Yeah it's Yamico1


I saw that there was a torrent for all images posted from 2006 - 2010 so is there one from 2010 to present that just consists of hangings?


Hi everyone, I'm looking for an artist to commission. Style I like is the modern-anime looking stuff. Do you have any artists to suggest to me, as well as examples of their work? Or do you perhaps want me to commission you, if you think you can do it?

Hope everyone has a good day!


A series of short stories each consisting of the various demises of a masochistic goth girl. They were originally found on the Depravity Repository.

File: 1498750958393.jpg (147.57 KB, 641x837, preston.jpg)


Does anyone know where i can find the rest of his artwork?


exhentai.org has some of prestons stuff

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