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File: 1516381102844.jpg (84.3 KB, 768x960, A100.jpg)


How would you like to slaughter her, prepare her body for cooking and eat this delicious meat? What is your favorite body part (based on the photos) would you like to consume? The darker and detailed the better :)
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File: 1516381318180.jpg (59.83 KB, 637x960, A5.jpg)


Read the RULES. Gurochan is not a place for real people


Actually this is great rp material, and the girl does look...tasty! ;)


real images are not allowed in this site


ehhh. if I want rp, there's a huge collection out there with far higher quality. And not to mention a gf if you have one.

and looks are subjective. For me she's just slightly above average. Not enough to make me save the pictures.


Hey I'm in dire need of another temporary editor for Waifu Wars. The original editor has decided to move on from the series and now with Lara Vs Chloe being in the editing process for an indefinite period and the need for me to write Lopunny Vs Renamon vastly approaching I kinda need someone to edit a few fights till I either find a permanent editor or learn to efficiently edit myself (I'm currently practicing on Waifu Wasted so anyone would respectfully point out any grammar, punctuation, or, spelling errors in Cho Chained I'd really appreciate it). And if you happen to want to be a permanent editor for the series (though I doubt anyone’s just going to volunteer for that?) I'd appreciate it. If your up for it my kik is DeathFetish777 and my discord is Vice Dark Lord#0926

File: 1515509711957.jpg (320.32 KB, 600x314, jayda-fransen.jpg)


Hello GUROchan

I've got a really weird crush on Jayda Fransen and I'd like to request pics of her. I would suggest stuff like decapitations and gynophagia or cannibalism stuff but draw whatever you want involving her.

I've been browsing GUROchan long enough that I remember someone once made a thread requesting Sarah Palin pics (and that it actually got responses), so I figure Jayda here is fair game too.

... No, there's no agenda here. I'm just sorta fond of her and also a GUROchanner. I don't really agree with her, mind.


... Bump?


Read the RULES. Gurochan is not a place for real people


please link to any community with real people!!!
snuffme.com there is not much content


Pretty sure the rules referred to snuff photos, not drawings, which is what OP is asking for

I saw someone post a cooking drawing Forbiddenfeast did of Nicki Minaj over in this incarnation of gurochan's /g/ some time back, if that's allowed, then OPs request is okay too


Hello everyone I'm looking for someone to realize this fantasy of mine.

Title: A Horrible End. Duration: 120 seconds. Characters: Triss (Futa), Yennefer (Futa) and Ciri (Child). Setting: In a forest. Try to make it as detailed as possible. History Part 1: Ciri tries in vain to escape. She is captured and the punishment begins for her. She has his hands free and tries to resist. Triss puts her cock in her mouth, while Yennefer penetrates her from behind. Final cum. Part 2: Ciri is tied upside down to a branch of a tree. Taking turns yennefer and Triss, they let her taste their cock. Final cum. Part 3: Exhausted Ciri tries in vain to escape crawling. But Triss and Yennefer have a final surprise in store for her. With a magic they transform their cocks, like that of a horse. Triss sits on the ground with his hard cock upwards. Yennefer grabs Ciri and impales her on Triss's cock. The cock comes out of her mouth. Meanwhile Yennefer penetrates Ciri's ear, letting his horse dick come out on the opposite side. Final Cum. Part 4: (The cocks of Yennefer and Triss return human) Ciri lies dead on the ground. But it is not over yet. Triss grabs Ciri's head and pulls it off. She uses it to put his balls inside Ciri's mouth and masturbate. Meanwhile Yennefer uses Ciri's feet, with boots, to become a shoejob. Final Cum. (Both girls sit on the ground to do these things).

File: 1516380579582.jpg (37.26 KB, 232x732, A8.jpg)



File: 1516380726835.jpg (57.67 KB, 288x903, 644082_3636209278693_49564….jpg)

more of Arianne... please make a canniblism art with this woman . Thanks


File: 1516380767376.jpg (31.34 KB, 285x502, A56.jpg)


Read the RULES. Gurochan is not a place for real people

File: 1516059021400.png (834.83 KB, 1280x896, 223.png)


This pony's Dong Needs to be Frozen in a block of Ice..

So if anyone is willing to make this edit happen, would be greatful.


File: 1516059142720.png (442.69 KB, 1171x1024, 11.png)

Also a simple Request, if this pony's dong can be getting cut into, or surgically removed...



File: 1516202080955.jpg (537.72 KB, 1127x1600, 138.jpg)


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File: 1516303214940.jpg (395.5 KB, 1127x1600, 143.jpg)


File: 1516303225857.jpg (415.24 KB, 1127x1600, 144.jpg)


"here is the first page text.
Then I will start special health training."
Please use tags like center, bottom left, upper right etc.
I will work on it, but I just get confused on the health training page.


I think it may be better to talk on discord if you have it, for real-time conversation

Since you are doing it seriously I will try to make complete and better translation if you want. Just that some bubbles are more like sound effects and not actual meaningful text. so it may be easier to read them directly if you just learn few letters.

From now on to make it less confusing I will post text in the priority Top->Down, Right->Left.

As for your editing, I would recommend some smoother font, for example, this one: www.1001freefonts.com/playtime.font

That's the problem with hapanese language that their words do not entirely match English and they lack any punctuation at all so it is quite some work to decide which one of them fits best but we can asume that
"Then I will start special health training." is "Well then, I will start the special hygiene lesson".

You can wait for full translation. I will try to do it properly in the text file with page numbers and somewhat improved text instead of plain machine translations.


From now this gallery will be uploaded with this kind of shit:

File: 1516288643957.jpg (245.57 KB, 1000x1414, Anon2012-434813-Supergirls….jpg)


Anon2012 creates a full-color supergirl comic in which she is beaten, broken and rape by some supervillains.

Now he opened a poll to decide which way she should end. Please help make it a gory end, not the usual boring prisoner scenario.



Pages 2 - 24

File: 1516038934299.jpg (106.7 KB, 777x887, target.jpg)


Hi there, I play league of legends, and there's one character in particular that I hate; Ahri. Now seeing how she's still a little on the hot side, I am not against hentai of hers, but I'd like it with a little twist. Unfortunately there's none of that stuff to be found on the internet and I'm not much of an artist myself, so seeing how I ran into this site, I figured one of you lads may actually be able to help me out. I'd love to see a few pics where Ahri has been tied up and will be/is being/has been raped and tortured, preferably eye gouged (i know it's fucked up, but it gets me hard every time, don't ask). Other things Guro-related injuries are welcome too, if you have any spicy ideas. Go all out, artistic freedom is very much encouraged. Use the included picture for reference or as a base for the artwork. Surprise me!


I really like your idea. I think I can do something for you, just give me some time though :)
Hope you dont mind if i add some of my own ideas too.



Allright, neat! I hadn't expected a reply so soon. I'm excited! Any estimates on how long it'll take? Also, like I said, artistical freedom is very much encouraged. Mind sharing some of those idea's you have :3?


It may take up to 1-2 weeks as i currently have 5 other pieces ahead of this.
I'd like to keep the overall concept a surprise, but i think you'll like it as im excited to draw it :)


Actually, I have been having second thoughts. I am sure as hell going to end up feeling bad about myself after .. ye know..... fapping to questionable stuff. I think I'll just cancel the request all together, if that's allright. Sorry for being so whimsical :3 I do apprectiate the ethusiasm you have put into so far, and i sincerely thank you for that, but I'll just cancel the request since I'm just feeling bad about it after all...


Not a problem. However I've really been wanting to draw a LOL girl anyway and Ahri was my top choice, so do you mind if i draw it anyway? itll be just for my own interests.


i swear to god that there's this art of two nurses feeding the viewer rice porridge with various small body parts in it (eyeball, finger, nipple), which obviously came from one of the nurses because she's missing those parts. I remember seeing it once upon a time but I can't seem to find it again. help me out?

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