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Does anybody have any links or stories like this?

I don't even know what her name was.

The full moon illuminates the cold, desolate woods as another hot burst of vomit sears my throat. I hold my knees, and hear the scampering of a squirrel as it hurries up a tree, anxious to get out of the midnight November air. A shovel rests at my feet, the blade a foot away from the dead girl's hand. It protrudes, stiff and blue, from a pile of dead, damp leaves. I wipe my mouth on the sleeve of my jacket. Steam rises from the expelled contents of my stomach.

My mind is a reeling. I'm scared of getting caught, relieved in finally satiating the urge, and shocked at how easy it had all been. Vomiting appears to be the way my body handles such an overload of emotion.

I had a five by two foot rectangle dug into the cold wet earth. Three feet deep was my goal. Three feet would be plenty.

"I don't even know what her name was." I think to myself, my stomach turning again.

I had been driving down a typical rural Nebraska road when I spotted the girl. Miles of harvested corn fields stretched to the horizon on my right, and a dense forest loomed on the left. I was making the 10 mile drive to town for reasons I can't even remember. In the distance, pushing a bike along the side of the deserted road, was a young girl. She was dressed in dark blue jeans and a pink fleece hoodie. She looked over her shoulder as I approached. Dark brown hair spilled out of the front of her upturned hood.

As if possessed, I eased of the gas and slowed as I neared the vulnerable girl. Her purple bike was sporting a popped rear tire and dirt covered her left pant leg. I pulled over about 30 yards in front of her. I'm not sure what made me stop. Part of me thinks, or hopes, that I just wanted to help. The rest of me, the sadly more honest part, thinks I knew my plans for the girl as soon as I saw her.

Through the rearview mirror I saw the girl stop walking. Her entire body seemed to tense up as she stared at my reflected eyes. I stepped out of the car, and started walking toward her. She looked at my varsity jacket, and then my face.

The girl smiled and the fear dissolved from her skinny body. "Hi Mike." She said, as she started walking toward me. The girl was just over five feet tall and had a face still childlike in its roundness. The name and emblem of my local high school adorned the left breast of her pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I've been looking for this particular manga for years now with no luck. A bunch of girls get severely constipated and can't shit, and one girl eats the shit out of her sister's ass, one girl blows herself up, one girl is poking at it with a stick and there are maggots all over it. Please help, I'm about to give up my search.


Hell Season, it's the chapter by Shintaro Kago.


I am obsessed with his guro paintings but don't know where to find his new guro stuff. Does anyone know the address of his own page or something?

File: 1519415990825.jpg (299.7 KB, 850x1030, 11.jpg)


Amazing vivisection from pixiv.
I would appreciate it if someone could translate it.
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File: 1519416316231.jpg (587.61 KB, 850x1030, 34.jpg)


File: 1519416333936.jpg (578.51 KB, 850x1030, 35.jpg)


File: 1519416350841.jpg (565.29 KB, 850x1030, 36.jpg)


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Looking for a picture I remember from awhile ago (think it was on the old Hangings thread before that died and we got Hangings 2.0)

Black and white picture, features a naked guy In believe in cowboy boots, with his hands bound behind his back and struggling in a noose. In the background are three naked women in hats and boots. Clearly getting off and jeering him on.

Need it for a reference pic in a roleplay.

File: 1499835396882.jpg (30.57 KB, 340x480, 41-hGVqxwXL.jpg)


I was wondering if there is content of black girls getting dominated, killed or anything like that. Backbreaker or neck snapped most preferred but anything else from asphyxia and shootings and stabbings and body explosions and decapitations and other gory stuff is also wonderful. :)
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1.Install Hitman Absolution
2.Get perfect invisibility trainer
3.Get to the strip club level where there are a few black girls too
5.Cum all over




I'd say this isn't really racist since it shows he's into black woman? To be honest though, pulling the race card would just be really stupid.




i would love to see some black girl decaps

File: 1517254972174.jpg (353.43 KB, 837x1200, 66655873_p0_master1200.jpg)


Well one of the best Guro artist out there has returned to the fray after more than one year.

Please, someone, translate this new and awesome comic!!!

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File: 1517256927369.jpg (463.13 KB, 837x1200, 66655873_p8_master1200.jpg)


File: 1517256956411.jpg (272.99 KB, 837x1200, 66655873_p9_master1200.jpg)


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Looking for pictures of self-harm of girls. Very preferably on thighs, or ass or breasts. Let's make this a great thread!

File: 1517861373326.jpg (15.09 KB, 210x239, Hello_Nurse.jpg)


I'll be frank with you- this character's stupid mug always kinda ticked me off.

Can someone hit me up with some guro stuff of her or a character that resembles her.

Guro involving other cartoon nurses is also welcome/accepted.


bump, anyone got anything?



Hi everyone, I hope that you can help me. I'm looking for a pics that I have already seen but I don't remember the website. The pics represents a gils with her organs exposed and there a cat who eating her while she caress the cat.
If anyone had a pic like that, could you sent here please?


No, but it's a good idea for a drawing!

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