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Is there something like that?


I had found them on a Russian board but lost them again. One of them was in Roman times, with a couple having sex on a couch, eating, right under a crucified woman. I would really like to find it again.

Another image of the set was a woman crucified and bound in barbed wire, with a text underneath describing how she tried and failed to stop corruption in an African shithole, and paid the price for that.

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I'm looking for some comics by Slasher. Buncha zombies going to town on a chick. I found some that I thought were related, but it might have been a second set that they started actually eating her- it's called Damned Island, pic is from that set.

Anyway, I thought there was pics of the zombies eating one of them, and then I know there was another set that had a normal dude with a tied up girl, and says something about no jewelry before he rips her belly button ring out. Says he's inviting the family in or something and then a bunch of zombies come in and fuck/eat her.

Hours of searching has turned up nothing. Help?
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Awesome posts! Thanks so much, Otakuist!


Your are welcome. :-)




can any one give me the link of the full series of this zombie comic( pics are shown) and what is the name of this comic.


File: 1521040512710.jpg (298.78 KB, 850x1203, 1496576052303.jpg)

can any one give me the link of the full series of this zombie comic( pics are shown) and what is the name of this comic.

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Hello, I'm looking for an artist to draw me a short comic of a museum where beautiful women are stuffed, mounted, and displayed inside. Please email for information, to discuss prices, and to show me a sample of your work.

File: 1520777923802.jpg (871.29 KB, 3000x3492, 1423342151882.jpg)


im searching for mangas/ doujins / comics NAMES
that present castration, or testicle destruction beyond repair .

- i just need the name -

actual removal is great
if the story goes along following the male after castration its the best EVER!
(furry is ok)
Attached castration image for you enjoyment =)


Bumpity bumpity bump bump bump!


Is Futa good for what you're looking for?

Because I have a story about futa ball destruction that I'm nearly done...


It was a doujin where on a side scene there was this girl practicing track and field, and had all these guys behind her, and when she was caught she was raped, and had to try again. Anyone know what it was?


after i made the post i realized i misspelled particular wrong. haha

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Looking for a manga where a girl pretends to be a sex doll when trying to get through customs in a shipping container.

Pic semi related.

Thanks in advance.
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Interesting. Anyone know of it?


This sounds good. I've never heard of this manga before.




I would like to order a couple for your own use please!!!!How much would it be???


Bump I guess.


Ive been lookin for her nudes everywhere but cant seem to find them



She's a minor


so what


That's child pornography, dude.



A small reminder, that this is not a site hosting illegal material.
If you really want those you should probably look into the deep web, there are a bunch of pedophile forums still running.
(Don't ask me how i know)

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More debreasting fantasy or reality gif or vid anyone?
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File: 1520445912633.jpg (244.21 KB, 619x800, 67130549_p5_master1200.jpg)


I think about how I would bite down onto the fat juicy tip of the breast, grind down on the areola with my teeth feeling the skin rip apart and shred violently - and like an animal, grip the meat from the soft tit... Oh~ how I think about devouring, destroying, and mutilating tits in the most savage and sadistic ways...

So anyway, yeah, you're not alone.


It's like the most primitive human bloodthirsty instinct...
Destroying the precious sensitive flesh of a beatiful woman...

For me, I like imaging some sexy female soldiers, agents, or warriors get captured by enemies, and those bad guys use knives to slice off those women's nipples or breasts for proofs of bounty, enjoying the red blood, yellow fat, mixed with milk, coming out of the tits wounds...
So excited.


Bump, you are certainly not alone ...


lol what? Debreasting images are very common and easy to find... Pussy Eating on the otherhand...

File: 1520664873043.jpeg (63.1 KB, 320x452, D6AADAB2-124E-45FE-9198-7….jpeg)


Does anyone have pics from the manga, blangel?

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